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Microsoft Reduces Xbox Series S Price in Japan

The Xbox Series S price has been lowered in Japan. A matter of days after the console was made available for pre-order.

Earlier this week the original price of the Xbox Series S was 32,980 yen (which is about $313 in the US). To compare, the Xbox Series X is 49,980 yen, which is $474 USD.

After the rather swift reduction, the Xbox Series S will now be 29,980 yen. This is now $284, which is much more in line with the price of the console in the US; $299.

What’s Caused the Xbox Series X Price Reduction?

Microsoft’s consoles have had a rough time in Japan historically. The region often chooses to support Nintendo and Sony consoles – which are both Japanese companies in origin.

This isn’t to say that Xbox consoles don’t have a legion of adoring fans in Japan, they do. But Microsoft often struggle to appeal to that market when compared to western customers.

An Xbox Series S price drop was expected eventually in Japan, but not this soon. Microsoft know they are up against the PS5 and will be keen to maximise their chances.

Japanese gamers have warmed to American consoles and games as the years have gone by. But the country is still very loyal to Sony and Nintendo.

National loyalty may actually have nothing to do with it. It may just come down to both Nintendo and Sony being older companies and therefore, more established - at least in terms of being games console creators.

Traditionally, western games do better than western consoles in Japan. This at least shows Japanese fans are open to enjoying creative work from overseas.

Microsoft Want To Finally Break The Japanese Market

Interestingly, the Tokyo Game Show this year will be featuring Xbox for the first time since 2014. This is significant, as it shows Microsoft’s renewed focus on appealing to Japanese buyers.

In short, the new console represents a fresh start. The Xbox One got off to a rather slow start with Microsoft botching certain aspects of the launch, this was felt mostly keenly in Japan.

Microsoft are cleverly focusing their efforts on the Xbox Series S price and rather than the Xbox Series X. This may be because the smaller, cheaper console may represent the best chance at success in that particular market.

The Xbox Series S certainly has a fresh appeal. And its affordable price should put it in good stead to win over some new fans in the land of the rising sun.

We imagine the recent purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft will also turn some heads.