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Microsoft Looking to Purchase More Studios in Japan

Microsoft’s shopping spree may continue overseas as new rumors suggest the company will purchase more studios in Japan.

Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda has been nothing short of historic. Let’s not forget, Bethesda (or parent company ZeniMax) are a huge industry giant themselves.

Therefore Microsoft’s acquisition of them shows that Bill Gate’s gaming division is not playing around. They have lofty ambitions for this console generation – and they’re putting their money where their mouths are.

Of course, it’s common knowledge that Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda is to bolster their exclusive game library – something they’ve been honest about. But we’d be naïve to believe that they’ll stop there.

Every few weeks, a new rumor appears regarding Microsoft’s next potential purchase. So far, none of them have stuck, but it’s only a matter of time until one does.

If Microsoft can buy Bethesda, then they could potentially buy any smaller studio. Now the question simply becomes who’s next?

Bethesda Xbox

Microsoft’s Next Purchase Coming from Japan?

A lack of first-party titles wasn’t the Xbox One’s only problem – nor was its muddled and controversial launch. Xbox consoles also struggle when it comes to winning over the East Asian market, especially in Japan.

Japanese gamers tend to be more loyal to Sony and Nintendo when it comes to console purchases. These also happen to be Microsoft’s main competitors, with both companies originating from the Land of The Rising Sun.

Although according to new rumors, Microsoft’s latest plans could see them find a solution to both problems. They could win over the Japanese audience - and claim more exclusive titles; simply by buying more Japanese studios.

The studios in question are Sega and Konami. Both are significant players in the gaming industry, with many established franchises under their respective belts.

Of course, Sega used to be a creator of consoles as well as games. Their very own Dreamcast competed against the original Xbox, the PS2, and Nintendo’s GameCube.

xbox series x

Sega’s experience could be valuable to Microsoft, especially when it comes to the Japanese market. The two companies have also collaborated many times in recent years.

While Konami isn’t as significant as Bethesda on the current stage, they own various properties that would boost Microsoft’s exclusive library. Imagine if a Metal Gear or Silent Hill reboot became an Xbox exclusive?

Remember, these are just rumors at this stage. So far, all other rumors of Microsoft acquisitions have either been shot down or simply failed to materialize.

Therefore, until we hear something concrete, take them with a pinch of salt.

Microsoft may be planning an event this month to discuss their acquisitions in more detail. But a prominent industry insider has warned fans about getting too hyped.

Yet a new leak suggests Microsoft is working on a new VR headset for Xbox Series X/S.

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