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Microsoft May Be Creating A Portable Xbox Console

A reliable leaker has suggested Microsoft may be working on a portable Xbox console. How likely is this?

Nintendo has had the portable gaming market sewn up since the early days of the Game Boy. Today, they are still the undisputed champions of gaming on the go.

Having outlasted both of Sony’s very admirable efforts (we’re big fans of the PSP and the Vita), Nintendo’s portable strategy has gone from strength to strength.

One prediction was that the advent of mobile gaming would loosen Nintendo’s grip over the portable gaming market. But then the Switch happened - ushering in a new reign of Nintendo-themed dominance.

nintendo switch

Bring On The Next Contender

Microsoft has taken a more cautious, hesitant approach before jumping into the portable gaming fray. While Sony’s PSP and PSV were both exceptional consoles, neither managed to set the world on fire.

Fast-forward to 2021, and Nintendo is once again running unopposed, and a status-quo has settled over the industry. An uneasy peace where Sony and Microsoft dominate the home system market, but leave Nintendo to occupy their own space.

Even as a portable/home console hybrid, the Switch is no match for the Xbox Series X or PS5 on their own turf. But should either try to cross over into portable territory, they risk getting a bloody nose. Again in Sony's case.

But as rumors of a 4K Nintendo Switch incursion persist, it’s natural for Sony and Microsoft to formulate their own expansion plans. There’s clearly a hunger for traditional portable gaming, especially with today’s technology.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image

Will A Portable Xbox Take On The Nintendo Switch?

The Switch has proved the desire is still there too. And Nintendo is enjoying all the spoils to themselves. It’s inevitable that either Sony or Microsoft make a play eventually.

In the era of 5G, Cloud Gaming, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, Streaming, etc, etc. The possibilities for portable gaming are endless – and incredibly exciting.

We don’t expect the Nintendo Switch to be the last portable/console hybrid either. If anything, they’ve started something new.

Nintendo has managed to combine what worked about the Wii U and 3DS into one package, stripping away anything that was a hindrance. With the foundation established, all Nintendo needs to do is build upon it.

But so can their competitors.

Rumors of a 5G PSP or PSP 3 have come and gone over the past few years. Could Sony’s third portable console be the one that finally takes off?

Project ‘Xboy’? Or 5G PSP?

But new rumors also suggest that Xbox have their own portable console plans. The reports state that Microsoft’s console is code named ‘Xboy’ – see what they did there?

This is easy to dismiss. After all, why would Microsoft need to develop a portable gaming system when their Xcloud service turns any smartphone or tablet into a portable Xbox Series X?

Yet now, reliable leaker @CrazyLeaksOnATrain has weighed into the debate, stating that Microsoft could unveil a portable Xbox “soon.”

While LeaksOnATrain is rarely wrong, take his prediction with a pinch of salt until something more concrete arrives.

@CrazyLeaksOnATrain was the chap who accurately predicted that Horizon and Days Gone were coming to PC.

Mr Train also recently claimed that more PS5 games were coming to PC. Something else he appears to be correct about.

But while the Nintendo Switch may not falter, it’s only a matter of time until a new challenger appears on the horizon.

A new portable console would certainly be big news, but it may not be the only big news coming our way. A new report suggests that Microsoft’s Bethesda conference will happen this week.

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