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Microsoft Holding ‘Spectacular Holographic Display’ In London Tonight For Xbox Series X Launch

The Xbox Series X launch is now less than 24 hours away. As we speak, your pre-ordered console will be on its way to you or the location you’re picking it up from. To celebrate its UK launch, Microsoft is doing something rather special.

To mark the Xbox Series X launch in the UK, Microsoft will be holding what they describe as “a spectacular holographic display” this evening in London. Xbox will also be holding a series of livestreams all around the world at different times.

The full content of each livestream is unknown at this point, although we expect each one will be a celebratory event featuring interviews and gaming footage. It’s also entirely possible that Microsoft shares some previously unannounced Xbox news too.

When Is The Xbox Series X Launch Stream?

The first Xbox Series X launch stream will be for US customers and will stream on Twitch at 11 am PST / 6 pm GMT. Fans in the UK can watch the stream here.

Microsoft has confirmed that the stream will go on for 6 hours. London's holographic display will start towards the end of the broadcast or after this stream has concluded.

It’s important to point out that today’s festivities will also celebrate the launch of the Xbox Series S. The smaller, sleeker, but less powerful budget version of the Xbox Series X.

xbox series s

A similar event will also stream in New Zealand from 10 am local time. Watch it here. Xbox representative Dan Johnson told fans, “New Zealand and Australia will be the first in the world to bring our next-generation consoles to our fans. So, we want to celebrate this momentous event in style.”

We are looking forward to seeing what Microsoft has to show us ahead of the Xbox Series X launch.

We’ll be sure to bring you the updates from each stream. We also imagine each one will feature some similar information too.

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