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Microsoft Extends Warranty on Elite Controllers, Due to Drifting Lawsuit

The company will also offer repairs' refunds to all affected.

Since early this year, Microsoft has been facing a class-action lawsuit related to drift problems in the Xbox Elite controllers.

It came to light over the weekend once again, as seven more people joined the lawsuit, which now includes drifting cases on the Xbox Elite Series 1 and Series 2. Those affected are seeking a solution and financial compensation for the problem.

It's a fact that Microsoft hadn't remained with the arms crossed before its consumers' complaints since the company made a move to lessen the players' displeasure.

Expired warranties and defective components: the main complaints

One of the plaintiffs' main complaints is that the Elite controllers' drift is registered months after purchasing the product when the warranty is already expired. So they have to pay to fix the remote, offered as a premium product.

Microsoft paid attention to this detail, so it decided to extend the Elite 2 controllers' warranty. Although this isn't a direct solution to the problem, it will undoubtedly be an alternative well received by the players.

According to the details, Elite controllers' warranty won't be 90 days anymore, but Microsoft will extend it to 1 year. This change will be applied immediately, so it will be valid for all controls that are sold from now on.

Along with this, the warranty extension will apply to controllers distributed since the launch of the new series, that is, from November 2019. And those affected will receive refunds for out-of-warranty repair payments.

With these movements, Microsoft hopes to address all the users' complaints and end the legal conflict.

Xbox Series X and S will debut on November 10.

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