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Microsoft’s Bethesda $7.5 Billion Purchase Officially Approved By EU

After months of waiting, we finally have news that Microsoft’s Bethesda purchase is approved by the European Commission.

Back in September 2020, we reported that Microsoft was entering into a deal to purchase ZeniMax Media. This would give the company access to Bethesda Softworks, developers of Doom, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Bethesda has been at the forefront of gaming for decades, meaning that the acquisition of parent company ZeniMax was a huge get for Microsoft. Of course, this buyout came with a hefty price tag of $7.5 billion.

bethesda acquisition xbox microsoft
(Source: Xbox/Bethesda)

But Microsoft isn’t a company that’s hurting for cash, in particular after the success of the Xbox Series X/S in November.

Now, the EU is approving Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax and Bethesda. And that means that it won’t be long before Xbox fans benefit.

PlayStation fans shouldn’t worry too much, as Bethesda is currently pushing out games on PS5 before the Xbox buyout completes.

Bethesda Officially Becomes a Microsoft Studio

After finally getting approval from the European Commission, Microsoft and ZeniMax are free to close the deal.

At this point, all ZeniMax properties become owned by Microsoft, and Xbox fans everywhere rejoice. After all, this means that major Bethesda titles, as well as those from their family of sub-studios, could simply appear on Xbox Game Pass.

With The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, Dishonored, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, and more in Bethesda’s wheelhouse, this is quite the AAA line-up.

(Source: Bethesda)

But it’s Microsoft’s future plans that are exciting fans the most. After all, titles like the upcoming Indiana Jones game could be exclusive to Xbox.

According to a statement by the EU:

“The Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition would raise no competition concerns”

After all, Microsoft already confirmed that it would honor PS5 exclusivity for games like Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo. But major upcoming projects are still up in the air.

Games like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 may well be Xbox exclusive in the future. Of course, these games would likely also come to Game Pass PC too, but Microsoft is going to certainly make the most of its new acquisition.

Here’s when we’ll likely hear more about Xbox’s Bethesda plans.

According to Phil Spencer, how games are handled exclusivity-wise will be something of a “case-by-case” situation. But dropping major Bethesda games on Xbox Game Pass for no added charge is something that can only increase demand for Microsoft’s subscription service.

These major titles came to Xbox Game Pass recently, and the service is clearly already worth the money.

And if rumors prove correct, Microsoft is making another major acquisition very soon.

(Source: The Verge)

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