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Microsoft Ask Xbox Series X Owners What PS5 DualSense Features Their Controller Should Adopt

Xbox Series X owners now have the opportunity to tell Microsoft about what DualSense features could come to the Xbox controller.

The future is bright for the Xbox Series X, especially now Microsoft has confirmed a restock is on the way.

But in a rather surprising turn of events; Microsoft has created an email survey asking Xbox owners what improvements could be made to the Series X controller. Namely, if any of the PS5 DualSense features should come to future updates.

This is surprising because some may perceive this as Microsoft acknowledging that their competition’s design is superior to their own. Or at least that some of the DualSense’s features would represent an improvement.

Both controllers have been applauded by gamers and critics. Particularly the DualSense. This is seen by many to be the jewel in the PS5’s crown.

But the Xbox Series X controller has come under fire for being too similar to the Xbox One controller. Despite actually being a significant improvement over it.

The new Xbox controller is certainly less flashy than the DualSense. But it’s attracted negative attention due to its disconnection issue.

However, it’s not all been plain sailing for the DualSense either. The controller had problems connected to the PS5’s rest mode controversy for starters.

Not to mention competitive online players finding the adaptive triggers and haptic response intrusive to their playstyle. Some players have already needed to replace their analog sticks too.

The Xbox Series X Survey Asked Which DualSense Features Gamers Would Like to See

The survey asked if the Xbox Series X “feels next-gen.” It then asks participants if they know about the PS5’s DualSense and what it can do.

From there, the survey compares the functions of both controllers and asks if players would like to see more DualSense features on Xbox. It mentions the haptic response, adaptive triggers and requests feedback on the share button.

There will likely be some Xbox Series X/S owners wondering why their new console didn’t come bundled with these features. This is probably what’s encouraged Microsoft to run the survey.

In our view, it shows the company is listening and taking steps to improve their customer’s experiences. But it does beg the question of why they didn’t think of it too?

However, it’s normal for gaming companies to inspire and borrow ideas from one another. Nintendo added haptic response to a controller first in the Switch console’s Joy-Cons.

It will be interesting to see where the Xbox Series X controller goes from here. Microsoft could release a new Elite controller in the near future. Or they could release something new entirely that blows the DualSense out of the water.

Until then, here are more games coming to Xbox Game Pass in January 2021. As well as all upcoming Xbox Series X/S games coming in 2021.

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