The one-shot Akimbo Tyr loadout with Snakeshot ammo has already been nerfed into the ground, after the weapon began to dominate Warzone lobbies.

It’s only been a matter of hours since the Warzone meta switched to the Tyr, and now all those who spent time leveling up the weapon will regret it.

Thankfully, this OP Snakeshot meta was short-lived, because it might have been the most powerful one yet. Just look at this easy pre-patch solo squad wipe by Rated_COD on X:

Raven Software Remove OP Tyr Snakeshot Ammo

Not wanting to leave lobbies in distress while the team figures out a fix, Warzone developer Raven Software has entirely removed the Snakeshot ammo for the Tyr.

In an emergency patch, the team states that it has disabled the Snakeshot ammunition due to ‘overwhelming strength.’

For now, Snakeshot may remain visible in the Gunsmith, but players will not be able to take it into a match.

In the future though, it looks like the ammo type that turns your pistol into a shotgun will return, with some balance adjustments. We don’t expect this to arrive until after the holiday break, however.

Player Reactions to Snakeshot Nerf

Generally, the reactions to the Tyr Snakeshot nerf have been overwhelmingly positive. This is particularly clear in the post’s replies:

players respond to Warzone Snakeshot nerf

But of course, some users (namely the ones that have been relying on Snakeshot to get kills) are unhappy with the change.

And on top of that, those who saw the meta and began grinding for hours to unlock the OP loadout are likely annoyed to have wasted their time.

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