Some of the best FIFA 23 gamers are beginning to realize this meta through ball is single-handedly winning them their matches.

Every year, FIFA 23 has one or two passes that just seem to connect no matter what your opponents try to do. They quickly become the meta, and gamers build their squads around it.

It seems that in FIFA 23, the current meta heavily utilizes the Driven Lobbed Through Pass to cut through defenses and give your ST a clear chance for a shot.

Here is how you can use this meta pass for yourself and when you should use it!

How to Use Driven Lobbed Through Ball

To use the meta Driven Lobbed Through Ball in FIFA 23, you need to:

  • Hold R1/RB + L1/LB and then Press Triangle/Y
  • Add the direction where you want the pass to go with the Left Analog Stick
Driven Lobbed Through Pass FIFA 23 Controls

This pass has a more direct trajectory and less height to it than a normal Lobbed Through Pass. So usually, it will hit the floor and bounce a few times before your player.

Because of this, your player has a more direct approach to the ball. Rather than having to wait for it or receive it with their chest, they can maintain their speed and push it through for a scoring chance.

FIFA 23 Driven Lobbed Through Ball

This will lob a direct pass to your strikers without giving your opponents much room to defend. Some players are calling this technique overpowered due to how easy it is to create a scoring chance.

Having one of the meta Central Midfielders in FIFA 23 can help you when delivering these passes to your strikers.

Driven Lobbed Through Pass

When to Use Driven Lobbed Through Ball

Here are a few tips to help you add this meta through ball to your arsenal:

  • Make sure to open up space for your ST before you send the through ball. Once you see them begin to do a run, then
  • Double tap Triangle/Y instead of holding it to send a direct pass to the nearest player.
    • Make sure there isn’t a player right next to you, or you could easily give the ball away.
  • Use one of the meta strikers in FIFA 23 to really give you an edge when it comes to control and pace.
  • Attach an Architect Chemistry Style to one of the meta Lengthy style players to easily cover ground.

This is a great technique and one that players will be using to try and qualify for FUT Champions!