Lionel Messi, hailed as one of soccer’s all-time greats, has fans eagerly awaiting his upcoming rating in EA FC 24.

Following his triumphant World Cup victory with Argentina, Messi enjoyed a season that etched its mark in history. However, with his recent transfer to the MLS, concerns arise about how this move might impact his next in-game rating.

As the Argentine superstar embarks on a new chapter in America, all eyes are on EA Sports and how they judge him off last season. Join us as we delve into the fate of Messi’s overall rating.

Lionel Messi EA FC 24 Rating Leaks

Lionel Messi will have a player rating of 90 in EA FC 24 according to leaks. The information about his rating comes from the trustworthy source FUT_Scoreboard.

The EA FC 24 insider has disclosed that Messi has received a -1 from his FIFA 23 overall. In our player predictions, we correctly assigned Messi a rating of 90.

Previosuly rumors were circulating stating the Inter Miami player would have an overall of 88 in FC 24. However, this appears to be false information.

Messi EA FC 24 Rating prediction
*Stats listed are a prediction and not confirmed*

Despite the seven-time Balon d’Or winner finally getting his hands on the World Cup, we predicted a -1 in his EA FC 24 rating.

This is due to the forward not getting any younger, as EA Sports tend to downgrade players as they reach their late thirties.

The developers also tend to reduce the overall’s of players not playing in one of the top leagues in the following countries:

  • England
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy

This is why we believed Lionel Messi would have a lower rating in EA FC 24 than he had in FIFA 23.

Messi in FIFA 23
Messi in FIFA 23

When Will Messi’s EA FC 24 Rating Be Revealed?

The official unveiling of the EA FC 24 player ratings, including Messi’s, does not have a specific date available at the moment.

Based on previous launch patterns, we can reasonably expect the ratings to emerge around mid-September.

GameRating Reveal Date
FIFA 23September 12, 2022
FIFA 22September 17, 2021
FIFA 21September 10, 2020
FIFA 20September 9, 2019
FIFA 19September 12, 2018
FIFA 18September 11, 2017

Once the developers reveal the full set of ratings for EA FC 24 players, we will update this article with the wingers overall.

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