The easiest way to get Melee Operator Kills in MW2 is to play close-quarters maps such as Shipment and use a loadout with a Throwing Knife, Combat Knife, or Dual Kodachis.

Playing Infected is a great way to rack up Melee Operator Kills fast while having fun, as Infected players all have Combat Knives.

Hitting an Operator with a melee attack will usually be a two-hit kill. However, having a Throwing Knife in your loadout will ensure that any enemy goes down in a single strike.

You can use any weapon to get Melee Operator Kills, but using melee with a gun in-hand will require two hits to down enemies, making it a less reliable option.

Does a Throwing Knife Count As a Melee Kill in MW2?

Yes, getting a kill with the Throwing Knife does count as a Melee Operator Kill in MW2, so long as you are using the melee button.

Throwing the Throwing Knife as Lethal Equipment does not count as a Melee Operator Kill.

When you’re using a Throwing Knife in your loadout, your melee attack will change to a knife stab, which is a one-hit-kill.

Melee Throwing Knife in MW2

Does a Combat Knife Count for Melee Operator Kills?

Yes, using the Combat Knife does count towards getting Melee Operator Kills for the Path of the Ronin event challenge or Calling Card progress.

This was not always the case, but Activision seems to have updated the game recently to allow Melee Weapons to count towards Melee Kill progression.

Combat Knife in MW2

Does a Riot Shield Count as a Melee Operator Kill?

Yes, using a Riot Shield does count as a melee kill on enemy Operators. However, it is trickier to kill an enemy with a Riot Shield when compared to other melee weapons, as it will take two hits.

Like with the Combat Knife, this was not always the case. Now though, we’ve personally tested the weapon to confirm that Riot Shields do track toward Melee Operator Kill progression.

Riot Shield MW2

Does Dual Kodachis Count for Melee Operator Kills?

Yes, getting a kill with the Dual Kodachis does count as a Melee Operator Kill in MW2. These new blades provide a quick and stylish way to complete your melee challenges.

Here’s how to unlock the Dual Kodachis in MW2!

Dual Kodachis

Perhaps the funniest place to get melee kills is MW2’s new Gun Game mode. Start racking up the melee kills there and you’ll be resetting other players’ progress and becoming public enemy number one.

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