For better or worse, Activision Blizzard has recently announced a collaboration with Megan Fox where she will read a eulogy of your “in-game deaths” in Diablo 4. You read that right.

Simply share a video of your Diablo demise, and on June 8, Fox will share to the world that “you went out like a hero… or a chump”.

Harkening back to the questionable videogame marketing methods of yesteryear, Diablo 4’s official Twitter posted a video of a scantily clad Fox addressing the camera in a sultry manner.

She professes her love for “the sight of blood,” which is a sure-fire reference to her and Machine Gun Kelly’s admission to drinking each other’s blood in an interview with Glamour Magazine.

More than confessions of weird blood rituals, Fox explains that she will give a eulogy to a lucky few willing to share their in-game Diablo 4 deaths with the world.

How to Submit Your Diablo 4 Death to Megan Fox

To get Fox to eulogize your death, head over to either Twitter or TikTok and share your in-game death video with the hashtag #DiabloDeaths.

You’ll have to act fast as the deadline is for today, June 8. However, the exact time that the promotion will end is currently unknown.

There’s not long to go before your most embarrassing Diablo moments are immortalized forever in the most bizarre form of video game marketing in recent years.

Will yours make the cut?

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