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Mega Alakazam Revealed in Pokemon GO Datamine

An exciting new Mega Evolution for Alakazam has been revealed in a Pokemon GO datamine!

Mega Evolved versions of Pokemon are some of the most powerful that players can get their hands on in Pokemon GO!

Ever since the huge Pokemon GO Mega Evolution update, Mega Evolving Pokemon has become way more useful. Not only do Mega Pokemon bring some great bonuses now, but the action of Mega Evolving is much easier too.

There’s even a great strategy to Mega Evolve Pokemon for free!

Pokemon GO Mega Evolutions

And while there are already plenty of Mega Evolutions in Pokemon GO, there are still plenty more to come. Luckily, a new datamine has revealed that Mega Alakazam could be coming to Pokemon GO in the near future!

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Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals Mega Alakazam Could Be Coming Soon

Recently, a datamine revealed Mega Scizor could be coming to Pokemon GO and this was just the beginning. Now, another interesting Mega Pokemon could arrive in an upcoming update.

Pokemon GO datamining group Pokeminers has now found the Mega portrait for Alakazam within the game’s files. This hints that the Pokemon GO debuted of Mega Alakazam is on the way!

Additionally, a sticker showing Buzzwole has been found within the game. This will almost certainly be part of the upcoming Seattle Pokemon GO Fest where the new Ultra Beast will be making its debut!

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Let’s hope Mega Alakazam arrives in Pokemon GO soon. Be sure to be on the lookout for an official announcement from Niantic in the coming weeks!

What’s more, Pokeminers has also uncovered over 50 new Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO! Expect to see plenty of these throughout the rest of the Season of GO.

In other news, Pokemon GO finally has a filter to search for Pokemon by IV. This will make picking which Alakazam you want to Mega Evolve much easier!

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