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Mechagodzilla Appears in the Warzone Store For Operation Monarch

After a recent update, the Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla is finally available as a standalone purchase in the Warzone store!

As is usual with most Warzone crossovers, fans have provided a lot of criticism about this event. Despite the usual complaints, many fans have loved Operation Monarch.

However, despite the divisive comments and feedback, there is one thing fans did agree on. Most fans were unhappy that the Mechagodzilla skin was locked behind a paywall.

To successfully purchase this Tracer Pack, gamers needed to buy the Kong and Godzilla Skin bundle first.

This paywall had fans upset, as the Mechagodzilla is one of the best skins in this Warzone event. Thankfully, this situation has changed.

Warzone Operation Monarch

Mechagodzilla Appears in the Warzone Store as a Standalone Purchase

The Tracer Pack Mechagodzilla is available for purchase as a standalone pack in Warzone’s store for 2400 COD Points.

Before this change, this bundle was only accessible after purchasing the Kong and Godzilla bundles.

Warzone priced each of these bundles at 2400 COD Points. Currently, the game prices 2400 COD Points at $20.

This means that players were required to pay $40 to buy both bundles just to have access to spend another $20 to get the Mechagodzilla skin.

Many believed this could be a potential bug, as it was basically blocking the best skin in the game behind a $40 paywall.

Fortunately, whatever the situation was, this is no longer the case. In fact, the store now features this skin on its main page and clearly depicts the 2400 COD Points price tag.

Here is everything you need to know if you want to unlock every secret in Warzone Operation Monarch:

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Warzone Tracer Pack Mechagodzilla

Lastly, if you want to dominate in this event, this is the best loadout you can get for Warzone Operation Monarch!

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