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What is the Max Party Size in Diablo 4?

You don't need to fight for Sanctuary on your own.

The Diablo series has become a staple for many friend groups due to how easy it is to get into, but the max party size isn’t always the same.

Diablo 4 is no exception and makes bringing friends along for the ride easier than ever. But no one likes getting left behind, so large friend groups may face some tough decisions.

Diablo 4 Max Party Size

The max party size in Diablo 4 is four players. This includes you and up to three of your friends that you invite to join your party.

To invite players to your party, you’ll need to complete the prologue mission, “The Rites of Passage.” The multiplayer aspect of Diablo 4 is locked until you complete this quest.

Despite only allowing a max party of four players, you may run into plenty of others while exploring the world of Sanctuary.

This is because Diablo 4 is always online and features up to 12 players in each zone at one time. The players do not have to be in your party but are part of the same lobby.

You can interact with these players, view their items, trade with them, and even send them a friend invite.

This is similar to World Boss Events, which are also capped at 12 players. The players you encounter will constantly change as you move through different areas and explore dungeons.

But the players that are a part of your party will always remain the same unless one of them leaves or the host kicks them.

Party Sizes in Previous Diablo Games

The max party size for the Diablo series hasn’t always been limited to four. Some of the past games allowed even more than that.

Here are all the party sizes for the previous Diablo Games:

  • Diablo 1 – Four Players
  • Diablo 2 – Eight Players
  • Diablo 2: Resurrected – Eight Players
  • Diablo 3 Four Players

Some players were confused when Blizzard returned to a four-player max party size, but others noted that it led to better gameplay and cooperation.

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