It didn’t take long for players to discover the latest invincible God mode glitch for Mauer Der Toten – here’s how it’s done.

If your goal is to explore all the Mauer Der Toten has to offer, grind out weapon camos, or even level up fast, this God mode glitch is for you. When performed correctly, players can make themselves completely invincible in-game, allowing them to enjoy their time in Berlin without worrying about the undead.

There have been God mode glitches in both Die Maschine and Firebase Z in the past. Because of this, we’re not surprised to see the glitch resurface in Mauer Der Toten – but it’s surprising how fast it was found!

We recommend grabbing the free Wonder Weapon in Mauer Der Toten and enjoying some good old-fashioned zombie slaughter. Also, grab all the upgrades for Klaus from around Mauer Der Toten to have a companion come clear out enemies for you!

Mauer Der Toten: How to Activate God Mode

To activate God mode in Mauer Der Toten, follow these exact steps as soon as you’re ready to be invincible:

  • First, head into a co-op game of Mauer Der Toten.
  • Get yourself Tombstone Soda from the Wunderfizz in the Department Store or the Perk Machine near spawn.
  • Jump down to the street level and let a zombie down you before entering Tombstone Shadow.
  • In Shadow mode, use a vertical zipline to get to a higher vantage and find a horizontal zipline.
  • Wait beside the horizontal zipline until you’re about to bleed out.
  • Use the zipline just as you finally bleed out and die while on the zipline.
  • Once you respawn on the next round, go back to the vertical zipline, travel up it, and now you’ll have full God mode.

Enjoy being completely invincible in-game! This is certain to make completing the Bunny Disco Easter egg much easier – so grab your unique reward with ease!

The only downside to this God mode glitch is that you’re no longer able to use the zipline you died on. At the end of the day, we’re happy with that trade-off.

Thanks to YouTuber Caspahz for showing off the new God mode glitch for Mauer Der Toten in his video below:

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