There’s a new Easter Egg song to discover in Cold War Zombies’ third map, Mauer Der Toten!

Treyarch developers are experts at putting Easter eggs in their Zombies games, and the series’ fanbase is just as good at finding them. Already, Black Ops Cold War Zombies players are discovering all of Mauer Der Toten’s secrets, and the map has only been out for a few hours!

For example, here’s how to build Klaus in Mauer Der Toten. And once you’ve got the helpful AI companion, here’s how to fully upgrade Klaus in-game!

We also know the fastest way to get the Mauer Der Toten Wonder Weapon, as well as a way to get the CRBR-S absolutely free!

But now, fans are discovering the location of the secret Easter egg song Amoeba in Mauer Der Toten too.

Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Song – Amoeba Cassette Tapes Locations

To unlock the Mauer Der Toten Easter egg song Amoeba in-game, here’s what you need to do:

  • To play the secret Easter egg song, you’ll need to collect 3 cassette tapes from around Mauer Der Toten.
  • The first can be found on top of a headless mannequin in the Garment Factory.
  • The next is inside the Electronics Store, near East Berlin Streets, on the shelves near some old radios.
  • Finally, use the zipline up from the Trial Machine in West Berlin Street and you’ll find it just to the left of the Crafting Table, on the dresser.
Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg Song Amoeba Cassette Tapes
(Source: TheGamingRevolution)

Incidentally, this final location is also where you can activate the Mauer Der Toten God mode invincibility glitch!

Once you’ve got all 3 cassette tapes, the secret Mauer Der Toten Easter egg song, Amoeba, will begin to play! Enjoy some tunes while mowing down the undead with the new Wonder Weapon upgrades!

Thanks to TheGamingRevolution for providing us with this handy video guide below:

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