Looking to get your hands on the new CRBR-S Wonder Weapon upgrades in Mauer Der Toten? We here’s how to find each one and what they do!

When visiting Berlin in Mauer Der Toten, it helps to have some powerful weaponry on your side. Already, players are discovering how to build Klaus, a robotic companion, in the new Zombies map.

And once you have him on your side, it’s possible to get hold of the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon for free! We recommend grabbing the weapon this way every time you drop into Mauer Der Toten.

But what exactly is the CRBR-S and what does it do? Well, the new Mauer Der Toten Wonder Weapon is unique in that it can transform temporarily when picking up attachments.

Mauer Der Toten CRBR-S Wonder Weapon
(Source: Activision)

These upgrades drop frequently from zombies in Mauer Der Toten, and picking them up will change your weapon for a while. However, be warned that your gun will return to its base form when you run out of ammo!

The new Wonder Weapon is a must-get when completing the Bunny Disco Easter egg, so be sure to pick it up!

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Mauer Der Toten Wonder Weapon Upgrades Explained

But which Mauer Der Toten Wonder Weapon is best and what do they all do? We’ve got all the information you need, right here.


Mauer Der Toten Base CRBR-S

First of all, the base CRBR-S Wonder Weapon looks and acts like a standard laser pistol. It doesn’t seem to different from the R.A.I. K-84 that players may remember from Firebase Z, except that it has a rotating bullet orbiting it that will also fire on enemies.

Players are already discovering the fastest way to unlock the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon here!

Picking up an upgrade with this base Wonder Weapon will leave you with a more impressive gun, however.

CRBR-S Swarm

Mauer Der Toten CRBR-S Swarm Mod Kit

The CRBR-S Swarm fires a swarm of lock-on missiles at your target when fired. The weapon mod uses 4 ammo per shot but deals significant damage to the undead.

Despite being a lock-on weapon, the Swarm can still be rapid-fired to deal some real damage and explode any enemies in your path.

CRBR-S Blazer

Mauer Der Toten CRBR-S Blazer Upgrade

Obtaining the Blazer upgrade will turn your CRBR-S into a proper rifle, and this one is a powerhouse. Firing a laser, the weapon is excellent at dealing big damage to single targets, or quickly dispatching a crowd.

However, the Blazer does little area of effect damage, unlike some of the other mod kits.

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CRBR-S Diffuser

Mauer Der Toten CRBR-S Diffuser Upgrade

On the other hand, the CRBR-S Diffuser is the perfect crowd-control weapon, firing shotgun blasts into incoming hordes. Get up close and personal to hit bosses with multiple Diffuser shots, or keep your distance and thin the crowds with ease.

The CRBR-S is designed to be switched continuously, so don’t be afraid to switch up your Wonder Weapon with new mod kits when you find them.

You can see all the new upgrades in action in this video by TheGamingRevolution below:

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