There’s a strange new Easter egg in Mauer Der Toten and players will be collecting pieces of a stuffed Bunny for a big reward.

When a new Cold War Zombies map arrives, it’s always fun to discover all of the little Easter eggs hidden in the game by Treyarch. Some are helpful, giving powerful rewards to the player, and some are just there for the sake of being fun.

The stuffed animal questline in Mauer Der Toten is certainly the former. Assembling the Bunny will take you to a new location, similar to the Coffin Dance Easter egg in Die Maschine, and there’s a great reward waiting for you.

On the topic of building things, here’s where to find all parts of Klaus in Mauer Der Toten. The helpful AI will stay by your side and help you with Berlin’s undead problem.

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Where to Find All Bunny Parts in Mauer Der Toten – Disco Easter Egg

If you’re looking to complete the Bunny Disco Easter egg, you’ll need to collect all 6 parts of the stuffed animal from around Mauer Der Toten.

The pieces of the Bunny can be found in the following locations:

  • On a shelf in the Grocery Store
  • On a couch in the Bar, near the Juggernog Perk machine
  • In the Sewer Access, opposite the Upgrade Station, near a wooden pallet
  • On the desk in Hotel Room 304
  • In the Department Store inside the large cabinet near Wunderfizz
  • In the Alley near a pile of tires, just off the main street of Berlin
Bunny Disco Easter Egg Mauer Der Toten All Locations Guide

Once all pieces of the Bunny are assembled, it’s time for your reward. Players will teleport to a nightclub to face off against the undead.

After facing off against 3 waves of dancing zombie enemies in the Disco, you’ll be able to head on-stage where the Bunny is located.

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Take down the zombies in the area and you can pick between doors 1, 2, or 3 for your reward. If you manage to select the correct door, reports indicate that you’ll get a unique Calling Card alongside your prize!

Bunny Disco Dance Easter Egg Mauer Der Toten
(Source: Watchful Wolf)

This isn’t the first time that a stuffed animal has been the secret behind an Easter egg in Cold War Zombies. Nor is it the first time we’ve been teleported somewhere else by one!

YouTuber Watchful Wolf shows off the full Bunny Disco Easter egg in their guide below:

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