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Leaked Mastercraft Weapons Coming To Black Ops Cold War & Warzone – They Look Amazing

Three new Mastercraft weapons will be making their way to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone soon.

Mastercraft weapons were first introduced in Black Ops 4. They are awesome-looking skins for some of the most popular guns in the game.

They are purely cosmetic and don’t change any weapon stats. However, they are still some of the coolest gun skins available.

Cold War

Some of the skins even feature custom animations when you inspect the weapon.

Activision teased that Mastercraft weapons were coming at the beginning of December, but Redditor Zhivix has now confirmed it.

The AK-47 Mastercraft Skin

The coolest of the three new Mastercraft weapons coming to Black Ops and Warzone is definitely the AK47. Decorated in a Soviet Red color, it’s complete with a missile on top.

When you inspect the gun, the rockets on the back actually start to fire too.

Players will be able to purchase the ICBRifle gun skin as Rocket Science Mastercraft bundle for 2400 COD Points.

Other Mastercraft Skins coming to Cold War and Warzone

The KSP45 SMG will get the Tape Deck Mastercraft skin.

It features a special inspect animation which has the player take a casette tape out of the gun. The operator then flips it around and puts it back in before you can get back to your shooting.

If you want to be flipping tapes in Cold War and Warzone soon, then keep an eye out for the Retro Renegade bundle for 2400 COD Points.

The last Mastercraft bundle has a skin for the AK-74u. This Bundle includes the Collector’s Item skin, which turns the SMG into a brightly colored toy gun.

This can also be bought for 2400 COD Points as part of the Mint Condition bundle.

Check out the best attachments for the AK-74u to make your shiny new Mastercraft weapon as good as it looks.

This is finally some positive news for camo collectors. Many were disappointed when they hadn’t received the camos they had earned.

These Mastercraft skins aren’t the only cool thing coming to Cold War and Warzone either. A fan-favorite character will also be returning as a Season 1 Operator.

Also, find out what heavily requested features the latest update to Black Ops Cold War has added.

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