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How to Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

To get your hands on a Master Seal, Fire Emblem Engage players can either complete Paralogue Battles or purchase them from the Somniel Item Shop for 2500G each. They can also be found mid-battle inside Treasure Chests, or obtained for completing select Chapters.

The rare items can then be used to upgrade allies from Basic to Advanced Classes. Advanced Classes are stronger than their Basic counterparts, as well as giving a unit access to new skills and more weapons.

Successfully completing Paralogue Battles will often reward Alear and their allies with a Master Seal for free, but they’re no walk in the park.

Each of these challenging side missions will be related to one of your Emblem heroes and will be tougher than regular encounters.

Paralogue Missions in Fire Emblem Engage

You’ll see them turn up periodically throughout the story, appearing on the overworld map with a purple icon.

Here’s a list of the 15 Paralogue Battles you can complete in Fire Emblem Engage.

What Is a Master Seal Fire Emblem Engage

If you’re looking to upgrade your units to Advanced Classes, offering more power and potential for growth, you’ll need a Master Seal. But how exactly do they work?

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How to Use a Master Seal in Fire Emblem Engage

Once a unit has hit Level 10 in its Basic Class, you’ll be able to use a Master Seal to upgrade it. To do this, press + when in Somniel and open your Inventory.

Then, select the character and choose ‘Change Class’. Now that you have a Master Seal, you can change the unit’s class to one of the Advanced options.

Doing so will reset the unit’s level to 1 again, but now that it’s an Advanced Class it will be even more powerful than it was at level 10 or even level 20.

If you’re looking for a Class change but it’s not an upgrade to the next tier, you’ll need a Second Seal in Fire Emblem Engage instead!

How to Change Class in Fire Emblem Engage

Bear in mind that you’ll need one Master Seal for EACH unit you want to upgrade, so getting all your units to Advanced doesn’t come cheap.

This is especially true for those who know how to recruit all units in Fire Emblem Engage. Having a larger team does mean you’ll have more troops to upgrade after all.

And once you’ve got the full squad, why not see which Fire Emblem Engage characters are able to be romanced?

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