Niantic finally added the Master Ball to Pokemon GO in 2023 – here’s how to get one.

The Master Ball is just as powerful as it is iconic. Using it guarantees to catch whatever Pokemon you throw at it.

However, there has been no way of getting one in Pokemon GO until recently, and you’ll have to be prepared to work hard to earn one!

How to Get the Master Ball in Pokemon GO

Currently, the only way to get the Master Ball in Pokemon GO is by finishing Timed Investigation: Master Ball.

This will take a while to complete as all of the tasks in this Timed Investigation are pretty time-consuming. Luckily, you have until 8 PM local time on November 21 to finish it and earn a Master Ball!

Previously, a Master Ball was available to earn from step 5 of the Let’s GO Special Research. However, that Research has now expired.

Pokemon GO Could Finally Get Master Balls Soon

How to Use The Master Ball

To use a Master Ball in Pokemon GO, you must select it as you would any other Poke Ball. You’ll then get a message asking if you want to use a Master Ball.

If you press the use button and throw a Master Ball, it will start a cutscene, and there is a 100% chance of catching the Pokemon.

Even if you can use the Master Ball in any encounter, you’ll want to save it for an ultra-rare one. The best ‘Mon to use a Master Ball on are the Galarian Legendary Birds, as they’re extremely hard to find and are very likely to flee!

How Many Master Balls Can You Get?

You can only get a maximum of two Master Balls in Pokemon GO.

This is because, so far, there have only been two ways to get a Master Ball in the game – the Let’s GO Special Research and Timed Investigation: Master Ball.

However, Niantic will add more opportunities to earn a Master Ball in the future, raising the maximum amount of Master Balls you can have, provided you don’t use any!

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