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How to Get the Master Ball in Pokemon GO

The most powerful Poke Ball is finally coming to Pokemon GO!

Niantic is finally adding the Master Ball to Pokemon GO in May 2023 – here’s how to get one.

The Master Ball is just as powerful as it is iconic for Pokemon fans. Using it guarantees to catch whatever Pokemon you throw at it.

However, there has been no way of getting one in Pokemon GO until now!

How to Get the Master Ball in Pokemon GO

The only way to get the Master Ball in Pokemon GO is by finishing step 5 of the Let’s GO Special Research!

The Master Ball will be exclusive to this Research, which must be claimed before the end of Season 10: Rising Heroes on June 1, 2023.

The exact details of this Special Research are currently still under wraps. However, a datamine has revealed how you will receive the Master Ball!

Pokemon GO Could Finally Get Master Balls Soon

How to Use The Master Ball in Pokemon GO

To use a Master Ball in Pokemon GO, you must select it as you would any other Poke Ball. You’ll then get a message asking if you want to use a Master Ball.

If you press the use button and throw a Master Ball, it will start a cutscene and there is a 100% chance of catching the Pokemon.

Check out the list of every Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beast in Pokemon GO. This will help you work out which one you want to use your first Master Ball on!

Can You Get the Master Ball Without Completing Research?

No, you must complete step 5 of the Let’s GO Special Research to get the Master Ball. There is currently no other way to get one.

Despite this, developer Niantic has already announced that there will be additional chances to get a Master Ball in the future. The developer said: “Keep a lookout for future opportunities in Pokemon GO to acquire more.”

We expect that Master Balls will still be very rare, but you don’t have to stress too much about what you catch with them. This is especially the case if there will be more than just one!

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