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Massive PlayStation Leak Contains 747 Prototype Games, And They’re Playable

A massive PlayStation leak has revealed over 747 prototype games. Through data mining efforts, PlayStation enthusiasts have managed to uncover a treasure trove of gaming. Many of the titles fans are seeing for the first time.

A group of retro-gaming enthusiasts has managed to leak prototype game files for the PlayStation 2 console. This will allow those with an interest in retro-gaming to delve deep into forgotten, unfinished, or experimental games. It will also allow many to discover new secrets about their favorite older games.

Here is everything you need to know about the massive PlayStation leak which many are excited about. Bear in mind that these games are only accessible via an emulator due to the fact they are only compatible with the PlayStation 2 console.

Massive PlayStation Leak Contains 747 Games

Whilst most PlayStation fans are currently focused on the next-gen PS5, there are some retro-gamers that should be feeling very excited right now.

Although Sony is busy with officially revealing their PSVR 2 controller, featuring DualSense technology, other gamers are excited about older PlayStation consoles.

A group of retro-gaming enthusiasts has uncovered a hidden trove of PlayStation 2 beta prototypes. In a massive PlayStation leak around 747 games are now available to discover.

PlayStation Leak
Massive PlayStation Leak

These games are all confirmed to be unique and were not part of the PlayStation 2 console final build. This means that the leaked games contain new and exciting insights into what could have been in production for the older-generation console.

Furthermore, the best part is that PlayStation fans will be able to play these games for free. If you are also wanting to know how to get free PS Store credit this weekend, we've got you covered.

The leakers responsible for uncovering the games are The Hidden Palace, they posted this update on Twitter.

The new leak is named "Project Deluge", the Hidden Palace describe it as one of their biggest endeavors yet. Excitingly, according to the tweet, it looks like the group may have more plans in the future too.

This massive PlayStation leak is exciting in that it offers fans a glimpse into older PlayStation titles. There may be many secrets still left to be uncovered.

PlayStation Leak Uncovers New Games

Similarly, PlayStation's Play At Home scheme has added 10 new games to the roster of PlayStation 5 games. It looks like it's certainly a good time to be a PlayStation fan.

There are a few games that players should take note of. Amongst some of the most notable titles are Lego Star Wars, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Final Fantasy X2. There will be new content, images, insights, and more for players to explore.

In other news, Naughty Dog promises "several cool things" coming soon. There are also some fans that believe God of War may be free on PlayStation's Play At Home.

Furthermore, there is also a huge PS5 Restock coming to Amazon this week with over 46,000 consoles. If you are still looking for a PS5, this might be your best chance.

Finally, check out our guide here on how to get a PS5 console from Amazon. You may be able to beat the crowd with these tips and tricks.

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