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Marvel Snap Savage Land New Cards & Locations

Marvel Snap Savage Land is the theme for the first season of 2023, featuring new cards, locations, and variants for players to collect.

Aside from the new additions, Savage Land will also introduce the first new mode to Marvel Snap, Battle Mode. So there is plenty to look forward to.

Here is everything coming to Marvel Snap during Savage Land!

Savage Land Season Pass Variants & Card Additions

The Savage Land Season Pass will feature 3 Alex Horley Variants and a new card, Zabu, Ka-zar’s trusty companion.

Zabu is a three-cost card with two power with the Ongoing ability to reduce the cost of 4-Cost cards by two.

The three Alex Horley Variants that can be unlocked through the Savage Land Season Pass include:

  • Zabu Alex Horley Variant
  • Ka-zar Alex Horley Variant
  • Storm Alex Horley Variant

Along with these three variants, players can also unlock three mystery variants by completing objectives and progressing through the Savage Land Season Pass.

Zabu is one of the best cards in the current meta to dominate the ladder. To make the best of it, use the current best Zabu deck in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Savage Land Season End Date

The Marvel Snap Savage Land Season ends on February 6, 2023. This means players have four weeks and six days to complete the Season Pass and earn all the rewards.

Throughout the course of the season, players will also be presented with new locations to control. This will present different ways to play and build your deck.

Marvel Snap Variants

Players can show off these new variants in the Battle Mode coming to Marvel Snap during Savage Land.

All Savage Land Season Pass Rewards

The Savage Land Season Pass features over 50 different levels with varying rewards. Here is everything players can earn by completing the entire season pass:

  1. Zabu Base Card
  2. 100 Credits
  3. 25 Zabu Boosters
  4. 100 Gold
  5. 200 Credits
  6. 25 Zabu Boosters
  7. Mystery Variant
  8. 15 Boosters
  9. New Title: Why Yes, That is a Loincloth
  10. 100 Credits
  11. 100 Gold
  12. Ka-Zar Alex Horley Variant Avatar
  13. 200 Credits
  14. 30 Ka-Zar Boosters
  15. 100 Gold
  16. 15 Boosters
  17. 100 Credits
  18. Ka-Zar Alex Horley Variant
  19. 100 Gold
  20. 30 Ka-Zar Boosters
  21. 15 Boosters
  22. Mystery Variant
  23. 200 Credits
  24. 15 Boosters
  25. Savage Land Card Back
  26. 200 Credits
  27. New Title: Technically Not Tarzan
  28. 100 Credits
  29. 100 Gold
  30. Storm Alex Horley Variant Avatar
  31. 200 Credits
  32. 30 Storm Boosters
  33. 100 Gold
  34. Storm Alex Horley Variant
  35. 200 Credits
  36. 30 Storm Boosters
  37. 100 Gold
  38. 25 Boosters
  39. 100 Credits
  40. Mystery Variant
  41. 200 Credits
  42. 60 Zabu Boosters
  43. 200 Credits
  44. New Title: Zabu, No, Bad Kitty
  45. 500 Credits
  46. Zabu Alex Horley Variant Avatar
  47. Mystery Variant
  48. Savage Land Marvel Snap Card Back
  49. 500 Gold
  50. Zabu Alex Horley Variant

After Rank 50, players can still obtain a mystery reward for each tier. This reward usually includes Gold or Credits to help improve your Collection Level.

Savage Land Pool 5 Additions

Marvel Snap Savage Land brings four new Pool 5 additions for players to collect. These new additions include:

Card DesignCardCostPowerAbilityRelease Date
Silver SurferSilver Surfer30On Reveal: Give your other 3-Cost cards 3+ Power.January 4, 2023
SauronSauron33On Reveal: Remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards in your hand and deck.January 10, 2023
ShannaShanna42On Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to each location.January 17, 2023
DazzlerDazzler44Ongoing: If you have 4 cards at each location, +6 PowerJanuary 24, 2023
Shadow KingShadow King43On Reveal: Set all cards here to their original base Power.January 31, 2023

New Marvel Snap Savage Land Location

Five new locations are coming to Marvel Snap during the Savage Land season, including:

  • Ricketty Bridge
    • After each turn, if there is more than one card here, destroy them.
  • Altar of Death
    • When you play a card here, destroy it to get +2 Energy next turn.
  • Eternity Range
    • After turn 3, add a Rock to the losing player’s side.
  • Plunder Castle
    • Only cards that cost 6 can be played here.
  • Collapsed Mine
    • Fill this location with Rocks. Skip a turn to destroy your Rocks.
Marvel Snap Locations

You can see the official trailer for Marvel Snap Savage Land Season here.

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