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Marvel Snap Battle Mode: How to Play Against Friends

You’ll finally be able to play against your friends in Marvel Snap Battle Mode, launching in January 2023.

The Savage Lands are finally here, and with them comes one of Marvel Snap’s most requested features to date.

Despite being a smash hit among Marvel fans, card game fans, and the general mobile gaming market, there’s always been one thing missing from Marvel Snap. Until this season, there has never been a way to play with friends.

But that is all going to change with the introduction of Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode.

How to Play PvP With Friends in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap currently has no way to play PvP with friends, however the new Battle Mode is set to change that when it launches in January 2023.

Players will soon be able to enter a code from a friend to enter their Battle Mode game.

After that, the two card battlers will face off in a brand-new game mode. And unlike the standard matchmaking, there’s a bit more of a competitive nature to Battle Mode.

Marvel Snap Battle Mode Competitions

What Is Battle Mode in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap’s new Battle Mode is a new, more competitive way to play the game, suitable for tournaments and other PvP action. It also lets you go up against friends for the first time and adds a new health system that diminishes over multiple matches.

In Battle Mode, players will choose a deck and play multiple games against one another using that same deck each time. The loser will take damage equal to the value of the Cube at the end of the match.

Battle Mode Health in Marvel Snap
Health is shown below the character portraits, with both players standing to lose 4 health upon losing this game.

Therefore, there’s an extra level of strategy to be considered when it comes to Snapping the Cube to double its value, or retreating to avoid additional damage.

Once a player reduces their opponent’s health to zero, over the course of several matches, they’re crowned as the winner.

There are no ties in Battle Mode. But since these are friendly games, your overall rank won’t be affected by winning or losing, making it the perfect game mode to try out new decks and strategies!

When Is Battle Mode Coming to Marvel Snap?

Battle Mode is dropping in January 2023 for Marvel Snap players everywhere. Although the exact date is yet to be confirmed, the recent developer indicates that the mode will be live this month.

“With Battle Mode and Savage Land, this is going to be the BEST month of Marvel Snap yet,” Chief Development Officer Ben Brode states in the January developer update.

Therefore, it’s not long until all players will be able to face off against their friends in the Savage Lands and beyond.

We’ll update this article as more details arrive in the next week. In the meantime, check out Battle Mode in action in the Marvel Snap developer log below:

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