To easily mark enemies in Fortnite, you need to find a Falcon Scout and use its ability to scan your area for enemies. This will mark them and allow you to complete the weekly quest quickly.

Fortnite Falcon Scout
  • As the Falcon Scout, you’ll be able to examine the area and sky around you. You’ll see some prompts on the left side of your screen.
  • To use the “Scan for Enemies” ability, press R2/RT or the button it shows for your settings.
Fortnite Mark Enemies

This will mark any enemies in the range of your Falcon Scout radar. You can tell if you’ve successfully marked an enemy because a red diamond will appear above them.

Fortnite Marked Enemy

Enemies pinged using your Place Marker button do not count toward the enemies marked. This can be confusing since pinging an enemy does highlight it for your team.

The difference is that a marked enemy is visible for a short period through walls due to their red outline. A ping only marks the exact location you pinged them in.

Here are a few other ways to mark your enemies in Fortnite:

  • Claiming one of the Capture Points on the island.
    • This highlights all treasure chests in your area and marks enemies for a short time.
  • Using Marking Augments to help you mark enemies you damage.
  • Activate your Falcon Scout and aim your reticle at an enemy.
    • This may be the most simple way to mark an enemy, but it’s not as effective as using its ability to scan the area.

When you use the Falcon Scout, it does leave you vulnerable to enemy players. It functions similarly to a remote control drone.

How to Ping Enemies in Fortnite

You can also ping enemies in Fortnite by double-tapping the “Place Marker” button while aiming at an enemy. Players can trigger this with the left d-pad on controllers and the middle button on a mouse.

  • Aim your crosshairs at an enemy player.
  • Double tap left on the d-pad on the controller. On a mouse, click the middle button.
  • You’ll see a red ping appear where you saw the enemy.

Although, this does not count toward any quests or objectives that require you to mark enemies. To complete those, you need to mark enemies with a Falcon Scout.

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