Here is the full schedule of Pokemon GO events happening in March 2023:

In addition to these large events, there are also weekly Spotlight Hours for March 2023, as well as five Legendary Raid Hours this month!

Pokemon GO Events March 2023
Credit: Niantic

Catch Mastery – March 5

The first Pokemon GO event of March 2023 is Catch Mastery. This one-day event is taking place on March 2023 and features Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee.

This event also features Timed Research which requires getting nice, great, and excellent throws!

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Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event

Festival of Colors – March 8-14

The Festival of Colors event is returning to Pokemon GO in March 2023.

Niantic has not announced what is in store for this year’s festival, but last year saw all of the different colors of Oricorio make their debut in Pokemon GO. Let’s hope for another bright addition to the Pokedex this time too!

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Pokemon GO Festival of Colors 2022

Elite Raid – March 11

Elite Raids are returning to Pokemon GO for the first time this year in March 2023, and there will be two new Raid bosses to battle!

The new Elite Raids on March 11 will feature Regidrago. This will be the first time players can catch this new Legendary in Pokemon GO!

Check out our Pokemon GO Elite Raids guide to find out more about these limited-time battles!

Regidrago Elite Raid Pokemon GO

Slowpoke & Galarian Slowpoke Community Day – March 18

The March 2023 Pokemon GO Community Day features Slowpoke as well as its Galarian regional variant.

It is taking place on March 18, so make sure to add the date to your diary if you’re in need of Slowpoke Candy or want to catch a shiny Slowpoke!

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March 2023 Pokemon GO Slowpoke Community Day

Let’s GO! + Team GO Rocket Takeover – March 21-29

The Let’s GO event is all about two rare Pokemon – Meltan and Ditto. Not only is shiny Meltan available to catch during Let’s GO, but the event is also refreshing all of the Ditto Disguises in Pokemon GO.

What’s more, a Team GO Rocket Takeover is starting on March 25, so you better be prepared to battle!

Pokemon GO Let's GO Event

GO Battle Day: Palmer – March 25

On March 25, 2023, the GO Battle Day: Palmer will let Pokemon trainers compete in the GO Battle League for exclusive rewards.

There will be a Timed Research that will reward players with gloves inspired by Palmer from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Or, if you can’t wait until then, you can earn them as part of the Season 10: Rising Heroes GO Battle League rewards!

Gengar Nidorino Pokemon GO Battle

A number of exciting Legendary and Mega Pokemon will also be available to battle this month. Check out the March 2023 Mega and Legendary Raid Schedule to find out which bosses you can battle and when!

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