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Man Fined for Breaking Lockdown Playing Pokemon GO

Police have fined a man in the UK for breaking lockdown restrictions while he was playing Pokemon Go.

The UK is currently back in full lockdown, at least until the end of January. This is due to the country having the highest COVID-19 infection rate in Europe.

Once again, the restrictions are being enforced by the police to make sure the virus doesn’t spread. However, this hasn’t stopped people leaving the house to catch Pokemon.

Last week, we reported that the UK police posted and then deleted a tweet asking people not to leave the house to solely to play Pokemon GO.

The tweet caused controversy as some people felt the tone of the tweet implied adults shouldn’t play Pokemon GO because it’s a children’s game. Or that it was looking down on those that did.

Of course it’s up to the police to enforce the law, but it’s not their job to tell grown-ups what they can and cannot enjoy. However this doesn’t excuse those who willingly decide to break lockdown restrictions.

Now however, someone has actually been fined for doing so. The man in question has to pay £200 in fines, which is around $270.

According to the officers that issued the fine, it was for “contravening the requirement to not leave or be outside the place they live without a reasonable excuse.”

Pokemon Go

He may have avoided the fine, but admitted to driving for 25 minutes to visit that particular location. Unfortunately this was in an effort to find certain Pokemon and was indeed a breach of lockdown restrictions.

When Can You Play Pokemon GO in Lockdown?

Of course, we should make every effort to battle coronavirus. People should stay at home, at least as much as they can. It’s the law after all.

But leaving your house to go for a walk alone or with your household bubble is acceptable during the restrictions. If an individual chooses to play Pokemon GO while walking, how does this increase the risk?

If you are going on a daily walk during lockdown and playing Pokemon GO as you do, make sure you stick to the restrictions. Don’t do anything that will be perceived as breaching lockdown.

Driving out of your local area just to play the game is a breach of the rules. So don’t risk it.

Pokemon GO is soon to have its Sinnoh even celebration. This is exciting because many Pokemon fans are looking forward to playing Pokemon Diamond and Peal remakes.

Some fans are also speculating that the Diamond and Pearl remakes will incorporate more open-world elements.

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