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Major Warzone Lag Leads To Slow Motion Lobbies, Players Report

Major Warzone lag appears to be affecting the entire Battle Royale experience. Warzone players are reporting that slow-motion gameplay is now the latest issue to affect the multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty: Warzone could be in a much better state than it currently is. Unfortunately for many, Warzone's Season 2 update has been deemed the worst patch yet. It appears that Warzone is seriously in need of some comprehensive and proper patching, reworks, and fixes.

Warzone Slow Motion Lobbies
(Source: Activision)

Furthermore, bugs and glitches are running rampant in Warzone. The latest glitch to join the ever-growing roster is the Warzone helicopter minigun glitch, which is causing bizarre problems. Furthermore, the new Zombies event has many players feeling extremely underwhelmed, in fact, many do not care at all.

Now, however, lag and latency issues appear to be causing even more woes for the COD community. Players have been highlighting their experiences with the major Warzone lag issues and the difficulties they can cause in-game.

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Major Warzone Lag Causes Slow-Motion Problem

Major Warzone lag is causing some serious issues for players. The latest development shows how lag can start to affect the lobby, resulting in slow-motion gameplay. The problems are just piling up the Battle Royale experience and sooner or later something will need to be done.

Although Activision is likely busy planning the official unveiling of the new Warzone map, after it leaked online earlier this month, many want to see the lag issues ironed out first. Consequently, It is likely that the new map won't do much for players if the base experience is already tainted with lag problems.

(Source: Activision)

Some users have commented on the lack of action from Activision regarding the lag problems. One user had this to say regarding the issue:

Activision has released a statement regarding poor server quality. They are ready to add 5 new bundles costing 2400 CP each.

(Source: Reddit)

Interestingly, many players believe that Activision is more concerned with rolling out new cosmetic bundles than fixing the existing issues. However, despite this, there are some free blueprints up for grabs through the new Warzone easter eggs.

One player has shown off their experience with a lagged-out lobby, which results in a rather frustrating and confusing experience. Take a look at the Reddit clip below to see the lagged-out lobby in action, would you be able to stick it out to the end?

(Source: Reddit)

As you can see in the clip, Warzone's major lag problems are quite severe. The issue should be quickly addressed by Activision in order to prevent players from dropping off the game for good.

In other Call of Duty news, new Warzone Rebirth island leaked images have surfaced online. There looks to be a new look for the existing and popular COD map.

Furthermore, the names of Warzone's 80's Verdansk POIs may also have leaked early. If you are curious as to what the new in-game locations could be called, take a look for yourself.

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