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Major UK PS5 Restock Sells Out In Minutes

A major UK retailer sold out their PS5 restock almost immediately.

PS5 consoles have been extremely hard to come by ever since they released back in November. PlayStation fans are desperate to snag Sony’s shiny new console, but the demand is way higher than the supply.

Hopefully, this lack of supply will change as Sony plans to ship 18 million PS5 consoles this year.

UK PS5 Stock Drop Sold Out Immediately

PlayStation fans in the UK were excited to see that Sony’s new PS5 console had been restocked in a major retailer this morning. However, many gamers were still disappointed.

GAME UK put their PS5 restock on sale this morning but they sold out in minutes. The stock went on sale at 10 AM but was gone before most people could secure a console.

There is still hope that the retailer will get more consoles soon though. A leaker has revealed that millions of PS5 consoles will go on sale in the coming month.

PS5 Console

GAME UK updated their website at 10:39 AM to announce that their PS5 restock had sold out. This means people had a maximum of 39 minutes to secure their console.

The retailer had 70 different PS5 bundles all go on sale, all with different games accessories, and PlayStation merch. This was most likely to stop scalpers and bots from picking up the consoles.

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If you missed out on this UK PS5 restock, fear not. You can use our handy UK PS5 Stock Tracker to make sure you don’t miss another drop.

American readers can also stay informed about all of the PS5 restocks too. Check out our US PS5 Stock Tracker for all the stateside updates.

For those lucky enough to have a PS5, there’s some big news. Sony has announced release dates for loads of major PS5 releases.

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