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Major Retailer Dropping PS5 Stock Tomorrow – March 11 UK Restock

PS5 console stock will go on sale tomorrow - March 11 - at this major retailer.

Gamers across the world are still struggling to find the new PlayStation. Even in March of 2021, people have to wait for PS5 stock drops as the consoles still sell out immediately.

Luckily, a major retailer is set to restock PS5 consoles tomorrow.

Game ps5 restock March 2021

PS5 Bundles on Sale Tomorrow

PlayStation fans in the UK have already been given details about a selection of PS5 restocks coming later in March. Now, another one has seemingly been leaked too.

UK videogame retailer GAME updated their website today to show that a whole load of new PS5 bundles. This includes both the disc drive version and Digital Edition PS5 consoles.

They say that the release date for the PS5 stock is March 26, but pre-orders will go on sale imminently, according to a leaker.

Also, don't worry American readers, there are even more PlayStations for you. Amazon US will be selling 46,000 PS5 consoles soon - find out when here.

GAME UK PS5 Stock Drop - March 11

Twitter account @PS5StockAlertUK says that these PS5 consoles will go on sale tomorrow, March 11.

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Last time, GAME released their PS5 stock at around 9:40 AM. Customers should be ready around that time tomorrow as well. However, the stock could drop at some point before or after, so it's best to be up early just in case.

Want to know as soon as this drop goes live? Be sure to check our stock trackers below for PS5 stock drops for March and beyond:

PS5 Stock UK - March restock News

Meanwhile, the tyranny of console re-sellers may finally be over. Scalpers are now lowering their PS5 and Xbox Series X prices.

Also, luckily for gamers who can't pick up a PS5, it looks like these PlayStation exclusive games could be coming to PC soon.

This news follows a reveal that Uncharted & The Last of Us Naughty Dog promises "several cool things" coming soon.

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