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Major PS5 Restock Delayed in the UK Until Later This Week

A leaker has revealed that a major UK retailer has delayed its PS5 restock by a few days.

The PS5 is still very difficult for gamers to get their hands on. There was great news of a major UK retailer restocking the consoles today, yet people have been left empty-handed.

Don’t worry, the consoles weren’t snapped up by loophole abusing scalpers. A leaker has revealed that a PS5 restock in the UK has been delayed as well as a potential time the stock could now drop.

UK PS5 Restock Delayed

Many gamers in the UK were waiting for GAME’s potential PS5 restock this morning. However, no consoles ever went on sale.

Find out everything about today’s UK PS5 restocks, including which other retailer could drop PS5s.

Luckily, a leaker has found out what caused the PS5 restock delay and when the consoles will go on sale again.

Why Was the Restock Delayed?

Twitter account @Ps5Instant is usually reliable when it comes to PS5 restocks in the UK. The leaker claims that they know why the restock has been delayed.

Apparently “adverse weather conditions” have caused GAME’s PS5 restock to be delayed until later on this week. We can only assume these adverse weather conditions are the cold and snow most of the UK is experiencing at the moment.

Although the delay shouldn’t be very long, and the leaker even gives a time and date for the next restock.

GAME Will Restock Later This Week?

Luckily for gamers desperate to get their hands on a PS5, GAME’s restock has only been delayed until Thursday. The leaker claims that GAME’s allocation of PS5’s will go on sale at some time between 9 AM and 12 PM on Thursday, Feb 11.

The best way to stay updated with every PS5 restock is by using one of our stock trackers.

The leaker also claims that Currys will have stock of the PS5 consoles on Thursday too. This gives PlayStation fans even more of a chance to make sure that they secure their PS5 console.

Argos should also be restocking PS5 consoles in the UK later this month too. The confirmed restocks should be happening on either the 23rd or 24th February, according to reports from insiders.

@Ps5Instant Twitter

It doesn’t look good for gamers trying to pick up next-gen consoles. PS5 and Xbox Series X shortages could continue for a while longer yet.

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