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Major PlayStation Event Scheduled for September 2021, Rumors Suggest

Could the next major PlayStation event drop in September 2021? New reports suggest that we’ll be waiting a while for the next showcase.

E3 feels like it was months ago now and we’re still waiting to hear anything from Sony about its upcoming line-up. Sadly, new reports are suggesting that Horizon Forbidden West is delayed until 2022, and that’s not leaving PlayStation with much in this year’s line-up.

After all, God of War is also coming out next year, after a recent delay. And with Sony’s upcoming game roster taking quite the hit, it’s important for the company to show fans why they invested in a PS5.

PlayStation 5
(Source: Sony)

Recently, the company announced that 10 million PS5s have been sold, making the device the fastest-selling console in history. But it might be a relatively quiet end of the year for Sony fans.

PlayStation Experience Summer Event Moved to September?

Recently we’ve been hearing reports about a new PlayStation Experience event coming soon. And now, it looks like we could be waiting until September to see if officially surface.

Recently, Jeff Grubb reported that we could be getting a Sony State of Play in September 2021, according to new rumors. He also said that he’d heard about Horizon Forbidden West getting a delay to 2022.

Now, it’s looking as though the Horizon rumor was true, with affirmation from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. And with that said, our chances at a September State of Play seem much more likely.

Now, analyst Roberto Serrano, who recently reported that a PlayStation State of Play would take place on August 12, is weighing in. The upcoming PlayStation event was said to feature God of War, Horizon, and a look at PSVR 2.

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PlayStation State of Play 2021
(Source: Sony)

According to Serrano, it’s likely that the massive 1 hour PlayStation event will now take place in September. This could well be because the company aims to show more than expected in its showcase.

“So, the big PlayStation event (around 1hr long) may have been moved from August 12nd to September leaving a little State of Play (less than 30 min) on August 12nd, or the other way around,” the analyst writes. “Surprises around the corner, however. Keep in touch.”

However, Serrano also believes that a regular State of Play will still arrive on August 12. This will likely be a smaller showcase, if true, focussing primarily on one of Sony’s upcoming titles.

It’s worth noting that Serrano actually stated that Horizon Forbidden West was delayed all the way back on July 19. The analyst now predicts that the game will instead release in February 2022.

We won’t have to wait long to find out the truth at least. To tide Sony fans over for the time being, we’ve got a new Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut trailer for the upcoming expansion!

And for those looking for a next-gen console, it seems as though this retailer is about to have the biggest PS5 restock in months! Meanwhile, gamers can enjoy another month of free PS Plus titles as the new line-up is finally here.

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