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Major Nintendo Switch Update 11.0.0 Now Available – What Does It Include?

A Nintendo Switch update, version11.0.0, is now available which adds a few new features and improvements. Here’s what’s we know about Nintendo’s latest patch.

While major patches are often an indicator of big things to come for a console, it seems unlikely that this Nintendo Switch update heralds anything significant.

Instead, it’s a collection of updates to the present experience. Rather than preparing the Switch for anything more significant – such as the Switch Pro.

Alas, this update doesn’t seem connected to Nintendo’s rumored updated Switch in any way. After all, the Switch Pro may not release for another 12 months according to recent rumors. (See below)

Although that’s not to say that the latest Nintendo Switch update doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image

Here’s what the Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 Update includes:

  • A Nintendo Switch Online icon now exists on the Home menu. It allows you to customize your online settings to your liking
  • Nintendo Switch Online services are now available in all regions. Previously, this only applied to certain ones. So if it already applies to you, nothing will have changed in this regard.
  • Your Nintendo Account will now back-up save data to the cloud from multiple devices. Meaning if you own more than one console, your data will be shared between each of them. To use this though, you can activate it by going to System Settings > Data Management > Save Data Cloud.
  • It will automatically add data saved on one device to others that connect to the same Nintendo ID. The player must select this manually at first, in order to make it work automatically in the future. Remember, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the Save Data Cloud service.
  • Users can now see what games/software their friends are using or have played recently. Unless that friend has their account set to private mode.
  • Users can now tailor downloads to select which one should download first.
Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo Switch 11.0.0 Update - Further Changes:

  • Users can now connect their Nintendo Switch to their smartphone or tablet and transfer screenshots and videos from their Nintendo Album.
  • 10 images and 1 video can transfer in one upload.
  • Users can connect using a QR code for a seamless transfer.
  • The Nintendo Switch can now be transferred to the user’s computer using a USB cable. This way, data can be backed-up and shared between devices.
  • 12 Nintendo themed icons can now be used and selected across a range of menus.

General stability improvements and bug fixes are also part of the patch. For full patch notes, see the official Nintendo support page.

While we’re slightly disappointed that this Nintendo Switch update doesn’t prepare the console for the Switch Pro in any meaningful way. We’re pleased Nintendo is working so hard to support the console in its current form.

However, if you would like to take a cheeky glance at some Nintendo Switch Pro rumors, as well as some other tidbits – check out these massive Nintendo leaks.

More leaks suggest a new Mario title may also be on the way! Mama mia!

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