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Major Nintendo Leak Reveals Switch’s Prototype Design Back in 2014

An intriguing new leak appears to show exactly what the Nintendo Switch’s prototype originally looked like, back in 2014.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most unique games consoles of all time. As a hybrid between a handheld and home console, Nintendo got creative when developing the best-selling technology.

However, it appears that the Switch as we know it didn’t exist for long before production began. In fact, back in 2014, the Nintendo Switch prototype design was very different from the one we know today.

Nintendo Switch Prototypes
(Source: Nintendo)

According to new files that are surfacing as part of a 2018 major security breach, the Nintendo Switch used to have a strange-looking design. But it’s also one that looks eerily-familiar…

Nintendo Switch’s Prototype Design Leaked

Just three years before the Nintendo Switch’s official release, the console’s prototype design wasn’t quite ready.

In a new image leak, the Switch prototype can be seen. The console screen is an oval, and the thumbsticks protrude directly out of the image itself.

We wonder if the Nintendo Switch would still be the best-selling console it is today, should this prototype design have released.

It’s unclear as to whether Nintendo was always planning on making the device a hybrid console. However, it appears that somewhere down the line, the developer did decide to add detachable controllers for just that purpose.

Personally, we’re glad that the company decided to get rid of the thumbsticks inside the screen idea. However, long-term fans might actually recognize this concept from early console leaks back in 2016.

In this mockup image, fans can see a very similar looking console in what emerged to be a fake Nintendo NX leak. This image had the internet fooled for quite a while, and now it seems that it wasn’t far off at all.

An old Nintendo Switch Leak from back in 2016
(Source: The Next Web)

After all, the final product could have indeed looked like this, had Nintendo not switched up the design, later in development.

Now, almost four years after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro are forming. Even Nintendo is now addressing the Switch Pro rumors but they’re not giving much away.

Another recent major Nintendo leak even teases what’s to come in the company’s future. As ever, Nintendo likes to keep things tightly under wraps, but it appears a new Mario game is on the way.

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