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Major GTA 6 Leak Reveals More New Gameplay Details

In a new development, a leaker responsible for sharing GTA 6 details has provided another update, with even more surprising news.

Very recently, a user on 4chan claimed to have "insider" information regarding GTA 6. What followed was a very long and revealing post that was eventually taken down.

Now, however, the information in the GTA 6 leak has been clarified by the same insider, who has shined a light on what players might expect. As always it's important to take any 'leak' with a pinch of salt.

You can take a look at our rundown of the recent GTA 6 leak which reveals more story details, gameplay, map, and more here.

If the rumors and leaks are correct, GTA 6 could be shaping up to be one very exciting game for fans of the franchise. Here's all the new and up-to-date information that we know about.

GTA 6 Gameplay Details

New GTA 6 leaked gameplay details have been clarified and expanded upon from one alleged "leaker". Interestingly, the leaker goes into further detail about what players might expect from the latest GTA game.

One of the most interesting, but surprisingly vague comments is in reference to player exploration. According to the insider, players will have "complete freedom regarding exploration"

Furthermore, allegedly a large number of the buildings in GTA 6 will be enterable, with textures that are unique to them. It could be that Rockstar wants to build up a much more immersive world.

It looks like the world of GTA 6 could contain a ton of unique elements never seen before in the GTA franchise. If you want to check out more details coming to GTA 6's map, check out our post here.

GTA 6 should operate slightly differently from GTA 5 if the leak is to be believed. According to new information, the gunplay for GTA 6 will be a modified version of what players have experienced in RDR2.

Interestingly, the leaker also clarifies that there will be no parkour-style transferal mechanics in the game.

GTA 6 New Features

Interestingly, the leaker goes into more detail about the new features which could be coming to GTA 6. In the GTA 6 leak post numerous details are given regarding what players can look forward to.

Similar to RDR2, GTA 6 will allegedly have a choice of body types, however it will not be as specific as the RDR2 system. Alongside this, there will be more hair and facial types to customize your character with.

Another new feature that may be imported from RDR2 is a morality system, according to the GTA 6 leak. It will apparently directly affect missions and their outcomes.

GTA 6 Leak
GTA 6 New Leaks

GTA 6 could contain a Performance and Fidelity mode, which games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales utilize. This should bring greater control over the way the game looks and feels for GTA players.

Whereas nudity and strip clubs are not a new feature in GTA 6 by any means, according to the GTA 6 leak a new affinity system may be present in GTA 6.

Allegedly, the player may be able to build up affinity with certain women and then "make love" to them. This implies that there could be multiple characters for the protagonist to choose from.

Finally, new side activities may be present in GTA 6. According to the new info, some of the rumored new activites are gambling, dancing and roller derby.

GTA 6 Game Engine

The "insider' responsible for the latest GTA 6 leak comes with a bold claim about their credibility this time around. The leaker claims they have been working at Rockstar since 2004 and primarily as a developer.

Interestingly, the insider mentions that the game engine allegedly being used for GTA 6 is the same engine that RDR2 and GTA 5 utilize. However, the difference is that the engine has been improved considerably.

Furthermore, the leaker states "not to expect ray-traced light until the PC release".

GTA 6 Coming Soon?

The unarmed combat in GTA 6 will be similar to RDR2's unarmed combat system. However, there will also be unique animations for stealthy kills as well as a grab mechanic implemented.

Rockstar could also be overhauling their physics system in GTA 6 according to the GTA 6 leak. Allegedly, GTA 6 will contain better physics than GTA 5, driving should feel smoother but not as weighty as in past GTA iterations.

Finally, interestingly enough a recent Rockstar patent has shined some light on NPC behavior in GTA 6. The leaker confirms that this will be the case for the latest GTA installment.

GTA 6 Release Date

Interestingly, according to the latest GTA 6 leak, the details regarding GTA 6 might be confirmed "sooner than people think". It could be that Rockstar Games plan to announce GTA 6 at Super Bowl 55.

However, an insane GTA 6 release date has also been predicted by desperate fans. If proven true, GTA 6 could be a lot closer than originally expected.

As of right now Rockstar Games are hard at work on their next-gen version of GTA 5. It has been suggested that a major upgrade is inbound for GTA 5's Expanded and Enhanced edition.

There is also a rumor that suggests many classic Rockstar Games will be getting a remaster fairly soon. It is certainly a busy time for Rockstar Games so perhaps GTA 6 is still a long way off.

Either way, players have a lot to look forward to. We will continue to keep you updated regarding GTA 6 news, rumors and leaks.

Finally, if you are interested in taking a look at the 4chan leakers comments for yourself, take a look here.

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