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4 Major Changes Warzone Needs To Be Good Again – NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS has revealed the 4 changes he thinks Warzone needs to be a great game again.

Warzone is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world right now. However, it has been going through a bit of a rough patch recently.

Players have plenty of problems with the game at the moment, and loads of players are now quitting Warzone. This has prompted popular streamer NICKMERCS to make a video about the changes Warzone needs to keep players interested.

But first, find out why NICKMERCS quit Warzone’s Battle Royale game mode.

NICKMERCS Warzone Changes

4 Huge Changes Warzone Needs To Survive – NICKMERCS

In his latest video, NICKMERCS went over 4 different changes that Warzone needs for the game to be great again.

Warzone Anti Cheat Changes

While NICKMERCS didn’t go into detail about this change because everyone has talked about it for so long already, he still believes anti-cheat is the most important thing Warzone needs to survive in the long term. This is because the hacking in Warzone is getting worse and worse.

Activision is currently investing more resources into Warzone anti-cheat, but the software still isn’t in the game yet.


New Warzone Map

NICKMERCS also believes that a huge change is needed with a new Warzone map. He was disappointed with Verdansk ’84, despite the cool new Nakatomi Plaza building – so a new map is needed.

“I want an isalnd theme. Beaches, ocean, palm trees and jungle.”


Luckily, a huge leak has revealed loads of new details about an upcoming WW2-themed Warzone map. Therefore, we are only a couple of months away from a totally new Pacific Front location to drop into.

Warzone Season 4 Skydive

Warzone FOV Slider on Console

The next major change NICKMERCS thinks Warzone needs is an FOV slider on console. At the moment, PC players have a huge field of view advantage playing Warzone, thanks to being able to see much more of their surroundings.

Although, a reliable Warzone leaker has actually revealed whether console versions of Warzone will ever get an FOV slider.


Warzone Bugs & Glitches Need Fixing Faster

Finally, NICKMERCS asks Warzone developer Raven Software to be quicker with fixing bugs and glitches. At the moment, players are using an exploit to become bulletproof as well as a new Warzone invisibility glitch.

Hopefully, this will improve soon as Raven Software has now grown to become a “super studio”.

What do you think of NICKMERCS’ proposed changes to Warzone? Let’s hope that Warzone is in a better state soon, otherwise, even more players could stop dropping into Verdansk.

Meanwhile, Warzone players can also claim 30 free battle pass tier skips. You won’t want to miss out on this!

Also, Warzone players have been accusing top streamers like NICKMERCS of having easy lobbies. But do content creators really get easier games?

Finally, the next Call of Duty game will be revealed in Warzone soon, if this leak is accurate.

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