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Two Major Bethesda Titles Leak on Microsoft Store – Coming To Game Pass Soon?

Two major Bethesda titles have appeared on the Microsoft Store. Could they be coming to the Game Pass soon?

Bethesda and Microsoft's merger has been a huge deal for the gaming industry these last few weeks. The collaboration of two gaming titans has made fans incredibly excited, and the future for both companies looks brighter now that they're together.

Most conversation, however, has surrounded Bethesda's appearance on the Game Pass. Some of their games have appeared in the past.

Xbox has confirmed some Bethesda game exclusivity and has also told fans to expect a lot of their titles to come to Game Pass too.

Two Major Bethesda Titles Leaked, Coming to Game Pass Soon?
Bethesda joins Xbox

Wolfenstein and Doom titles have previously graced the service, allowing players to experience the games for a relatively meager block fee.

But the question remains; what's next? Which Bethesda titles will be available for Game Pass subscribers over the next few months?

Well, according to a leak on the Microsoft store, we might actually know already.

Bethesda Titles Leak - Are They Coming to Game Pass?

A new leak has been discovered that implies the presence of two new PC titles on the Microsoft store, and it's Microsoft who's leaked it themselves.

As discovered and publicized by Nibel on Twitter, two huge Bethesda titles are coming to Microsoft's PC lineup.

The two games coming are Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y Edition, both as new versions for Windows 10.

The games are both packaged with release dates of March 12th, so we'll only have to wait a day to get our hands on the games.

But, the conversation has been opened; will these games appear on the Xbox Game Pass soon? Well, according to a recent confirmation of Bethesda titles coming to the pass, it's very likely.

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Xbox staff has confirmed that Bethesda titles are coming to the Game Pass this week; so could these games be some of them? It makes total sense, especially given that the Ultimate subscription that offers players PC titles, as well as those on Xbox consoles, is performing so well.

Two Major Bethesda Titles Leaked, Coming to Game Pass Soon?
Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y Edition

Both Skyrim and Fallout 4 have previously appeared on the Game Pass, so we expect they'll be making their return to the service with these new updated versions.

This is an exciting revelation for both Xbox and Bethesda fans and implies that this huge $7.5 billion merger will be great news for Game Pass subscribers.

That's not the only exciting Game Pass news doing the rounds, though. The last batch of Game Pass titles announced is incredibly exciting.

Plus, if an insider is to be believed, the roster of games on Ubisoft+ could also be coming to Game Pass in 2021.

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