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Major Battlefield 6 Leak Reveals 128 Players, Cross-Gen, Battle Royale & More

A huge Battlefield 6 leak has revealed a landslide of info, including the potential for 128 players for multiplayer and a battle royale mode.

A new leak from data miner Tom Henderson has offered a slew of Battlefield information. The drop of info includes not only new game modes but also the game’s entire creative direction.

This is big news that could bring Battlefield back into competition with Call of Duty. CoD could certainly use a rival, as Warzone glitches are out of hand at the moment.

Henderson cites people who are close with developer DICE and has shown that Battlefield 6 will be a series reboot. The game will also use Battlefield 3 as its lead inspiration. This has excited many fans, as this game is arguably DICE’s most culturally significant.

Battlefield 5 6 leak
Battlefield V

Its impressive live map destruction and collapsing buildings helped the series to rival its biggest competitor, Call of Duty. Ever since then, CoD has very much taken the lead on Battlefield, but this reflective tactic could change the tide of sales.

The leak, posted on Reddit, features a lot of information and implies very exciting things for the series. Here’s what we’ve learned from the Battlefield 6 leaks…

It Will Be Heavily Inspired by Battlefield 3

The game that arguably put Battlefield on the map has been cited as the new game’s greatest influence. It’s said that the game will return to contemporary warzones and modernized locales similar to the 2011 game.

This is a grand step away from the direction the game had been taking as of late. Both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 2 brought the fight to maps set across World War I and II, so a return to the modern Battlefield formula is a big surprise.

But given its influence from the game that brought map destruction to the masses, it’s certainly a welcome one.

Battlefield 3 6 leak
Battlefield 3

Battlefield Will Have 128-Player Multiplayer

Taking on a feature mostly used in the battle royale genre of games, Battlefield 6 looks to attempt lobbies of 128 players at a time.

The game’s predecessor, Battlefield V, was able to carry a maximum of 64 players at a time on its realistic maps. This was impressive at release, but now thanks to next-gen hardware, DICE is ramping up the numbers.

With such a huge player count, expect firefights of legendary proportions.

However, these biblical battles might not be available for everyone…

Battlefield 6 Will Be Cross-Gen

Thankfully, the raging action of Battlefield will be available across console generations. This means that no matter which side of 2020’s grand console upgrade you’re on, you’ll be able to join in the fight.

Of course, there will be a few downgrades to keep an eye out for if you choose to play last-gen. The leak implies that 128-player games won’t be available on the Xbox One or PS4, and will be limited to 32v32 gameplay.

This makes sense given the boost of power that the Series X and PS5 exhibit, not to mention their 4K capabilities. You may have to sacrifice looks on an old console, but if you’re playing next-gen, it’s bound to look stunning.

Battlefield 5 V 6 leak
Battlefield V

It’s also implied that map destruction will be limited on last-gen systems. This suggests that the collapsing skyscrapers will be more visually remarkable than ever on the Series X or PS5.

For those worrying about missing out on content on last-gen consoles, Henderson has assured that it won’t be as bad as you’d expect.

There are two different studios working on both the next-gen and last-gen versions of the game. So no matter the visual downgrade, Battlefield 6 on the Xbox One and PS4 will be as great as they possibly can be.

Battlefield 6 Battle Royale is In Development

Warzone fans rejoice! Battlefield 6’s leak shows that a battle royale mode for the newest Battlefield entry is currently in development.

EA has been impressed with Call of Duty Warzone’s huge success, and are looking to bring something similar to Battlefield. It’s unclear if this will be available in-game on release, or come later on as a free DLC. But either way, Battle(royale)Field is very real, and it’s very exciting.

Warzone Battlefield 6 leak
Call of Duty Warzone

That’s all we know about Battlefield 6 so far! It looks to be the most exciting addition to the series yet, and we can’t wait to jump back in and tear some buildings down.

It’s a great time for a new modern FPS to release, too. Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War was 2020’s biggest selling game, despite fans complaining that its split-screen is broken.

Plus the battle royale mode could be a hit, as Warzone’s bugs continue to rile up players. Players are shooting while downed, and Activision has broken tracker apps.

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