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When Is the Luocha Banner Release Date in Honkai: Star Rail?

The best healer in Honkai: Star Rail could be just around the corner...

Luocha is one of the first new characters set to arrive in Honkai: Star Rail. Here’s everything we know about when and how players can get hold of his banner.

A foreign trader from beyond the sea, Luocha has a late arrival in Honkai: Star Rail. Could it be because he has to carry such a large coffin with him?

Regardless of the reason, it seems Luocha’s release date might be sooner than anticipated.

Luocha in Combat Honkai Star Rail

When Is Luocha Releasing in Honkai: Star Rail?

Luocha will be released as in the second half of the V1.1 Update in Honkai: Star Rail – on June 28, 2023. This was officially confirmed by developer HoYoverse.

You will have a 50/50 chance of getting Luocha as your first 5-Star Pull when his banner arrives.

Luocha will arrive after fan-favorite Silver Wolf, in the second half of the V1.1 update.

If the first 5-Star drawn isn’t Luocha, the character will become guaranteed to be the next 5-Star pulled from that same banner. For more information, check out our guide on how the Pity system works in Honkai: Star Rail.

In the meantime, here are all the playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail and how to get them!

Luocha in Honkai Star Rail
Credit – miHoYo

Is Luocha Getting a Banner in Honkai: Star Rail?

Yes, Luocha is getting a banner in the upcoming V1.1 update for Honkai: Star Rail on June 28, 2023. This has been confirmed by HoYoverse.

Additionally, HoYoverse has confirmed that Silver Wolf and the 4-Star Yukong will also be featured in banners in V1.1.

Check out the Honkai: Star Rail Banner Schedule to see what’s coming to the HoYoverse game next!

Luocha in Honkai Star Rail

Who Is Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail?

Luocha is a trader from beyond the seas, boasting impressive medical skills. He appeared in the Xianzhou Luofu one day, carrying an enormous coffin.

A member of the intergalactic merchant guild, he was caught in the Stellaron crisis by chance. A man with an honest heart, Luocha will always rescue those in times of danger.

Who Is In Luocha’s Coffin in Honkai: Star Rail?

The person inside Luocha’s coffin has yet to be revealed, but the vessel is confirmed not to be the character’s own final resting place.

All we know for certain is that Luocha was entrusted to take the body within ‘back to the Luofu.’

Luocha Combat Skills

Path: The Abundance
Element: Imaginary

Skill TypeNameDescription
Basic AttackThorns of the AbyssDeal 50% of Luocha’s attack as imaginary damage to a target enemy.
SkillPrayer of AbyssRestore the target ally’s HP by 48% of Luocha’s attack plus 160. Luocha gainst one stack of Abyss Flower. When the HP of the target ally is 50% or lower, Luocha immediately uses his skill once (without consuming Skill Points). This effect can trigger again after Luocha takes action two more times.
UltimateDeath WishDeal 80% of Luocha’s attack as imaginary damage to all enemies, dispel one enemy buff each. For each enemy buff dispelled, Luocha gains one stack of Abyss Flower.
TalentCycle of LifeWhen Luocha gains 3 stacks of Abyss Flower, he consumes all stacks to deploy a field against the enemy. When an ally attacks an enemy unit within the field, the ally immediately restores HP equal to 15% of Luocha’s attack plus 50. The field effect lasts two turns.
TechniqueMercy of a FoolLuocha immediately heals the ally with the lowest HP by 50% of his own max HP.

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