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Luigi’s Mansion 4 Could Be on the Way With Nintendo’s New Acquisition

Nintendo’s new acquisition might mean that new games are on their way soon. Luigi’s Mansion 4 and a new Super Mario Strikers game could be on that list.

The acquisition of a new games company by Nintendo could indicate what kind of games are in store for the Nintendo Switch.

If you haven’t heard already, a recent Nintendo leak has revealed major switch titles coming in 2021. But perhaps there are more titles that fans can look forward to.

Nintendo’s New Acquisition

Nintendo has acquired a new games company, Next Level Games. NLG has been a key partner for Nintendo, having worked on Super Mario Strikers back in 2005.

More recently, however, NLG produced Luigi’s Mansion 3, which has sold around 8 million copies worldwide.

The company has been working exclusively with Nintendo and it has clearly been a successful partnership.

One user on Twitter reported Nintendo’s new acquisition, stating this:

Nintendo has made the move for a number of reasons, most importantly because Next Level Games has proven its worth in creating well-received games.

The company was also looking to sell its shares in the company and began discussions with other potential buyers. As a result, Nintendo made the move to acquire it instead.

Nintendo has decided to cement the long-standing relationship between the two companies and formally assimilate NLG into the Nintendo brand.

What Does This Mean For Games?

With Nintendo’s new acquisition, this could mean that more games are on the way for the Nintendo Switch.

If you already have a Nintendo Switch console, then you might be interested in this major leak that revealed the Switch’s prototype design back in 2014.

Nintendo is known for producing consistently fun and well-designed games. Quality is Nintendo’s primary concern and NLG has proven that they can produce quality games.

With Nintendo’s new acquisition, we can ponder and speculate what types of games we can look forward to in the future.

Given the fact that NLG worked on Luigi’s Mansion 3, which turned out to be a widely successful Halloween hit. We could infer that a potential sequel is on the way.

Luigi's Mansion 3
Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 4 could be even better than its predecessor now that NLG has been absorbed into Nintendo. It could mean more internal support for the game.

Super Mario Strikers was a rather unusual mix up between Nintendo’s familiar faces in their first ever soccer foray.

It could be that Nintendo has plans to release a new sports-style game. Mario Tennis Aces and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 are amongst the kinds of games in this genre.

Super Mario Strikers
Super Mario Strikers

Although perhaps a niche genre, Super Mario Strikers could make a return at some point in the future given the success of these games coupled with Nintendo’s new acquisition.

No matter what kinds of games you play on Nintendo Switch, you can look forward to more installments in the future.

Experts have recently provided an insight into the likelihood of a Switch Pro coming in 2021. So you might be able to look forward to running your games on a more powerful system soon.

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