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Ludwig Subathon Ends After Beating Ninja In Record-Breaking Sub Count

Ludwig, the new king of Twitch has finally brought his month-long Subathon journey to a close, after beating Ninja for the highest all-time subscriber count.

Since March 14, Ludwig has been involved in a self-inflicted Subathon event. The event consisted of Ludwig streaming for a month straight alongside a clock that was gradually ticking down. However, by subscribing fans could add an extra 10 seconds onto the clock, prolonging Ludwig’s Subathon.

Ludwig Subathon
(Source: Twitch.TV)

You might be curious how Ludwig was able to survive for so long, or how the Subathon event actually worked. It is certainly an impressive feat and shows Ludwig’s dedication to Twitch and entertaining his fan base.

Ludwig Subathon Finally Ends After Beating Ninja

Ludwig has officially become the new face of Twitch, after beating Ninja’s record for all-time sub count. Interestingly enough, this was Ludwig’s goal since he began his streaming debut, aiming to Break Ninja’s Twitch record.

Although the Subathon showed no sign of stopping, the event was brought to a close after he reached his limit of 31 days of total streaming. Ludwig saluted his subscribers and even looked to be tearing up as he ended the event in style.

ludwig twitch
(Source: Twitch)

After quite an impressive feat, it comes as no surprise. Furthermore, Ludwig managed to raise over $350k for charity during the course of the event. Now, Ludwig is officially the biggest streamer on Twitch.

Interestingly, you might think the streamer made a killing off of the event, however, Ludwig has actually earned a shockingly low amount.

Take a look at the clip down below, which shows the end of what will undoubtedly go down as one of Twitch’s most historic moments:

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At one early point during the Subathon event, Ludwig became the most viewed on the entire website. Funnily enough, this all happened whilst he was sleeping too.

The former king of Twitch, Ninja, even congratulated Ludwig on his monumental achievement. Take a look at the Tweet just below:
(Source: Twitter)

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