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Ludwig Is Banning Twitch Subathon Watchers Who Gift Too Many Subs

Twitch streamer Ludwig is taking action against those who gift too many subs by banning them from participating until the end of his subathon.

If you’re a Twitch fan, chances are you’ve heard about Ludwig’s ongoing and record-breaking subathon. The major streamer has been streaming for 10 days without break, as part of an ongoing challenge.

For every subscriber that Ludwig receives, his timer increases, keeping him online for a few extra seconds. It’s a great way to boost engagement, and it didn’t take long for Ludwig to become the biggest streamer on Twitch with over 100,000 subscribers.

ludwig twitch subathon banning
(Source: Ludwig)

However, although a single subscribing user only adds a few seconds to his ongoing timer, there are always those with larger pockets. And it’s the Twitch users who gift hundreds of subs that Ludwig is taking issue with.

And so, even though Ludwig’s stream is still uncapped, there’s a new rule being implemented.

Ludwig Is Banning Those Who Gift Too Many Subs in Twitch Subathon

From now on, Ludwig is going to be banning users who donate too many subs to his channel.

Now that the stream has been going on for 10 consecutive days, Ludwig’s mods will be banning users who gift over 100 subs. Before this ban, some users had been spending thousands of dollars to keep their favorite streamer online.

However, Ludwig had some concerns about where that money was coming from, as well as likely wanting to ensure that his time couldn’t be bought indefinitely. After all, it’s difficult for Ludwig to stay healthy while streaming for well over a week without break.

“Since I can’t know where that money is coming from, whether it’s mom’s bank account or just some booming business that some dude has, it doesn’t feel appropriate sometimes – to let it rock,” the streamer confesses.

ludwig twitch subathon bans
(Source: Ludwig)

However, Ludwig doesn’t see this as a cap on his famously uncapped subathon challenge. And despite protests from members of his chat, it’s a decision he’ll be sticking with.

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“100 gifted is still a lot of gifted,” Ludwig affirms. “That’s 500 bucks! Right, we have 60,000 people in this b*tch. If 1% – 600 people – gift 100 subs, uh oh, that is 60,000 subs. That’s everything we did in the past week. I’ll be here for another f*cking seven days.”

After chat members pointed out that some users may well make alt accounts in order to donate more, Ludwig admits that this is a real possibility. However, it’s still likely to help him keep the subathon under control – at least a little more.

It’s amazing how one of 2020’s biggest games was able to catapult Ludwig to fame so quickly. Now, the streamer is the biggest Twitch personality out there, and his audience is only growing.

He made headlines recently as being one of the only major streamers left online during the Texas storms. Now Ludwig is in the public eye once again, and we may not even be halfway through this subathon.

But Ludwig isn’t the only streamer making waves right now. In the GTA community, XQC almost had a legitimate medical issue when robbing a bank in an RP server.

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