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YouTuber Ludwig Earns Shockingly Low Amount from Twitch Stream

Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has raised an impressive $470k – but how much he gets to actually take home is shockingly low.

Ludwig has been streaming live now for over 240 hours in a record-breaking ‘subathon’ that has made him Twitch’s most subbed streamer.

As a result, Ludwig has also made a record amount of money. He may end up exceeding the $500k mark by the time his stream concludes.

However, Ludwig will not get to pocket that total amount. To be fair to him, the streamer has already pledged a portion of his earnings will go to charity.

Ludwig is often generous when supporting charities and frequently donates the proceeds of his streams to his chosen causes. After pledging to give one dollar from every sub to charity, it’s estimated that Ludwig will donate a whopping $83k to charity by the end.

So we're minded to pat him on the back for this. And because he also not one of those streamers who brag about cheating. But the Twitch star has more outgoings to take care of once he’s donated.

ludwig twitch subathon banning

Where Else Will Ludwig’s Profit Go?

Twitch themselves will take a significant portion of his profit – it’s their platform after all. The channel is likely to take 35% of the earnings, meaning the Amazon-owned service could earn $175k from the subathon.

The taxman will also take his cut, as Ludwig will need to pay around $150k of his estimated $500k earnings. This is under Californian tax laws, which apply to streamers just as much as everyone else.

When discussing the hefty tax bill, Ludwig said, “This is why a lot of streamers live in Texas,” the streamer added, “because there’s no state taxes there. I don’t live there though, so I pay big taxes in California.”

Finally, Ludwig has various other expenses such as a staff and a mod team to pay. The estimated cost of these is $50k by the time it’s all over, but it could be more.

Ludwig made headlines when he was one of the last remaining streamers live in the recent Texas storms. - So he's a rather interesting character, which is probably why his star is rising.

Ludwig Could Only Earn $3K

Ludwig has said that he expects to walk away with around “$3k” – which is admittedly low considering his tremendous contribution. However, the figure was just an estimation, and he may earn more when all’s said and done.

But taking all his outgoings into account, it may not be much more. Talking about his own low earnings, Ludwig said, “Look, I could walk away with around $3k. I’m okay with it. Whatever I would get paid is so much less valuable than the increased viewership, and followers.”

“At the end of the day, the total follower gain is just so big. We’ve actually had a New York Times article on this! That’s insane. It’s nuts. All that is invaluable, I think. Spending $150k to get a Times article and all these followers, I’m fine with that.”

Ludwig signed on with Twitch before the company, or he, really took off. So his low earning potential may also be tied to his old deal – which is no longer fit for purpose. We expect he’ll be looking at a very different contract when it becomes time for renegotiation.

Ludwig is also banning those who don't follow Twitch's rules.

How Long Will Ludwig’s ‘Subathon’ Last?

When asked how long his ‘subathon’ will go on for, Ludwig himself was unsure. He said, “[I don’t] know when this will end. It probably could go another week or two.”

Ludwig went on to say, “That said, I actually go away this weekend. Nothing in the rules says I can’t ditch, so I won’t be on screen for two days. No one said I have to be on-screen! The stream just has to be live.”

Then, “Obviously I didn’t plan for this, because I have a trip planned, and this is probably gonna go into the trip. But, you know, it is what it is. I could just end it and scram, but that also feels bad too. We’ll have to see.”

Even though another major streamer calling new games lackluster, Ludwig manages to keep his content fresh. So fresh that Twitch users are still spamming emotes and chatting amongst themselves while he sleeps on camera!

But how is Ludwig surviving this 9 day+ streaming subathon? Find out here!

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Source: Dexerto

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