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Ludwig Is Coming After Ninja’s Twitch Record

Twitch streamer Ludwig’s mammoth subathon continues; could he beat the previously established record set by Ninja?

Likable Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren is closing in on 12 full days of continuous streaming. He’s already broken one record, becoming the most subbed streamer on all of Twitch – but he’s not stopping there.

Ludwig has now amassed an eye-popping 124,400 subs. – A number which is likely to already be out of date by the time you read this. But this rapid rise has some speculating. Could he eventually beat the all-time record?

As you may already know, the current record is held by Tyler Bivens, known to most by his alias Ninja. Ninja’s record is set at 269,154 subs at the time of writing and has existed since 2018.

Earlier this month Ludwig said he intended to beat Ninja’s record, saying, “This was my dream when I first started streaming three years ago.” The question is, can he keep his stream going long enough to actually do it?

Even if Ludwig doesn’t quite beat Ninja on this subathon, the attention earned from it means he may do it next time. But he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet.

Ludwig also made headlines when he was one of the last remaining streamers live in the recent Texas storms.

When Will Ludwig’s Subathon End?

Ludwig is starting to look fatigued, and who can blame him really? The streamer added a cap to his stream when he realized it could go on indefinitely.

Ludwig is also banning those who don't follow Twitch's rules. This means he clearly has plans to end it at some point in the near future; he’s only human after all.

But as he’s currently chasing the dragon of Ninja’s record, he’s likely to try and sustain the stream for a while longer.

It’s also important to point out that Ludwig has vacation plans rapidly approaching. This may spell the end of his stream. He’s certainly earned it!

Ludwig plans to give a hefty amount of the profit he earns to charity, so we commend him for his staying power. However, we were shocked by how little he’ll actually make himself when this whole thing is over.

But how is Ludwig surviving this nine day+ streaming subathon? Find out here!

In other streaming news, a familiar face popped up recently to give XQC some rather heart-warming advice about GTA Online.

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