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Ludwig Becomes the Biggest Streamer on Twitch in Ongoing Subathon

Thanks to the success of a record-breaking subathon, Ludwig Ahgren is now the biggest Twitch streamer on the planet.

Twitch streamer Ludwig has seen a monumental rise to success over the last few years. Since joining Twitch in May 2018, the user has been steadily growing his community.

Throughout much of 2018 and 2019, Ludwig was still a small-time streamer that many in the Twitch community may not have heard of. In 2020 however, the Twitch streamer really took off, with a steady flow of new subscribers finding his channel.

ludwig number 1 twitch streamer
(Source: Ludwig)

When one of 2020’s biggest games propelled Ludwig to new heights, the streamer got in lobbies with some major players on Twitch. And in Holiday 2020, the streamer even released his own Christmas album.

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Over the last year, few streamers have worked harder to entertain their fan base, and in the last few months, Ludwig’s popularity exploded. Now, an ongoing subathon is making Ludwig a household name.

Ludwig Becomes the Number 1 Twitch Streamer

On March 14, Ludwig began his most recent broadcast, beginning a subathon that would go on for a ridiculous number of hours. Now, Ludwig is the number 1 streamer on Twitch, and he’s showing no sign of slowing down.

At the start of his stream, Ludwig promised to add 20 seconds to his total stream time for every subscriber that joined his channel. After waking up on March 15 with 28 hours remaining on his timer, the user halved this subscriber bonus to 10 seconds instead.

ludwig subathon twitch
(Source: Ludwig)

Right now, the Twitch streamer has been live for 9 days, and in that time, his subscriber count has shot up beyond belief. The user is currently sitting at 30,000 viewers while asleep and his follower count is at 2.04 million.

But how is Ludwig surviving this 9 day+ streaming subathon? Find out here!

On top of that, Ludwig is now the number 1 Twitch streamer in terms of total active subscribers, with over 105,000 subs. He joins an exclusive club as the 4th streamer to ever break the 100,000 subscriber threshold.

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Now, the user is celebrating becoming the highest subscriber count on Twitch, something they’ve been working towards for the last 3 years.

But despite all this success, Ludwig still has 45 hours on his timer remaining – and that’s only going up with every subscription. Who knows how many users will follow the streamer by the end of the subathon?

Ludwig made headlines when he was one of the last remaining streamers live in the recent Texas storms.

Despite another major streamer calling new games lackluster, Ludwig is keeping his content fresh. Fresh enough that Twitch users are still spamming emotes and chatting amongst themselves while he sleeps on camera.

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