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Lucky Player Gets an Easy Win in Warzone Zombie Royale

One lucky player might have just found the easiest way to win in Warzone’s new Zombie Royale.

This might be the perfect example of a ‘don’t try this at home’ situation, but one Warzone player found a way for an easy win in Zombie Royale. As the gas ring was closing in, the battle royale fan took a page out of Warzone Season 6’s playbook.

In Zombie Royale, the aim is to be the last man standing as the undead hordes close in. Of course, you still have the game’s iconic gas ring to worry about unless you find a way to survive.

Zombies can breathe the gas, but it turns out that humans can too, albeit with a little difficulty. In fact, Reddit user cluelessflier decides that the easiest way to win Zombie Royale would be to remain in the gas forever.

Warzone Zombie Royale’s Easy Win Strategy

It’s worth noting that this strategy can only be attempted in very specific circumstances. In this instance, the Reddit user’s location must have recently seen a lot of zombie-killing action.

To get a top placement in the Halloween LTM, the Warzone fan hides out in a house, even as the gas ring moves. Left choking to death, the user manages to save their own life using their Stim tactical equipment.

(Source: Activision)

Once both Stims were used up, the player dropped their Munitions Box to replenish their stock. Here, they got two more Stims and could repeat the process.

Since killing zombies drops Munitions Boxes, there were plenty of the ammo crates around. All the player had to do was hunt for the next box as they kept healing themselves with Stims.

Eventually, all enemy teams are eliminated by zombies, leaving only cluelessflier left alive. The player earns his Warzone Zombie Royale win in the easiest way possible.

However, it’s worth pointing out that enemy zombies could easily have come to take the player out. Not only could the undead survive in the gas, but they can also see players anywhere on the map.

Therefore, the hiding player got very lucky this time around.

The tactic is actually very close to Warzone’s infinite Stim exploit, only this time, it takes some setup. Hopefully, this playstyle doesn’t catch on.

Already, Warzone players want zombie royale to be a permanent addition to the battle royale game. The LTM is incredibly fun, and it’s just what the game needed after a less fun Warzone Season 6.