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Luckiest Warzone Win Ever Shows Why You Should Never Be Toxic

A toxic player got what was coming to him, as he was taunting a downed player. Is this the luckiest Warzone win ever?

Warzone is one of the most popular games in the world right now. Therefore, it’s likely you’ll come across some toxic players from time to time.

However, this toxic Warzone player will have definitely learned his lesson after losing a game because he spent too long taunting a downed player.

Luckiest Warzone Win of All Time?

A new clip shared on Reddit shows what is quite possible the most lukcy Warzone win ever.

On the other hand, this might be the most unlucky Call of Duty player ever. He got to Cold War Zombies round 506 and then the game crashed.

It was down to the last circle and a player was rushing as quick as he could to get out of the gas. However, the final opponent shot him out of the truck he was driving.

The player was downed but still had a self revive – so it wasn’t over just yet. The last remaining enemy then ran up to the downed player and started to crouch spam, taunting him.

However, the enemy didn’t consider that they were on a hill. This is what led to the luckiest Warzone win ever.

The truck that the downed player had been shot out of then started to roll back down the hill very slowly. The enemy was run over by the empty truck because he was too busy taunting the downed player.

This killed him and completed the luckiest Warzone win ever for the downed player, who must have thought he didn’t stand a chance. The moral of this story is to not be toxic and just finish your kills.

Z_1886 Reddit

Meanwhile, cheating is still a huge problem in Warzone. You could be the luckiest Warzone player ever but still never win unless Activision follows through on their promise to fix cheating.

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Retired US Soldier

Wednesday 2nd of June 2021

If your being taunted like this, simply leave the game while your down, and your gear will not go to the cheater of taunter, problem solved and instant karma