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Lost Ark: How to Get Unicorn Mount For Free

If you’re looking to travel around the world of Lost Ark in style, here’s how to unlock the Unicorn mount.

Lost Ark might have lost some of its initial hype but the MMO is still going strong after its launch in the West. This month, there are brand-new events to enjoy, classes getting unveiled, and even a new mount to unlock.

Don’t miss out on the ongoing Spring Time Fever Lost Ark event for free rewards and more!

But if you’re looking for a new mount for the best Lost Ark classes of April 2022, here’s how to get your hands on the latest Twitch drop.

Lost Ark How to Get Unicorn Mount
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Be warned, the Unicorn Box & Shard Set reward is only available from now until May 9 at 12 AM PT.

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How to Get Unicorn Mount in Lost Ark – Pinky Cone, Aurora Cone, White Cone, Black Cone

To get your hands on the Unicorn mounts in Lost Ark, you’ll need to sign in to your Twitch account and link it to the MMO.

First, head over to the Lost Ark website and you’ll be able to link your account to Twitch when signed in.

Then all you need to do is watch an affiliated Twitch stream from creators such as Asmongold, BojoJen, CDNThe3rd, DatModz, and more for just 2 hours.

Once complete, head to your Drops Inventory page on Twitch and redeem the Unicorn Box & Shard Set! When you load back into Lost Ark, you’ll have access to the drop in your Mail, with the choice of Pinky, Aurora, White, or Black Cone mounts available!

You’ll also get 1000 Amethyst Shards alongside the beautiful new mount.

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Lost Ark Unicorn Chest & Shard Set

Lost Ark was one of the biggest MMO launches in recent history, and the game is still incredibly popular. Recently, we got more news about the 2 new classes coming to Lost Ark very soon.

We already have the release dates for both Lost Ark classes here, alongside some intriguing new information about each.

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