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Lost Ark: How to Get Gold – Ultimate Guide to Earning Money

It’s not easy to get gold in Lost Ark, particularly in the early game, but here’s how to grind the currency as fast as possible!

When a new MMORPG hits the market, one of the first things players do is immediately try and farm as much gold as possible.

Whatever a game’s currency is, you can bet that having a lot of it is only going to be a good thing. And, in the early days of a title’s launch, there’s usually a fast gold exploit or too to find.

Lost Ark
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When it comes to Lost Ark, you’ll be able to farm up gold through a variety of different mechanics. And we’ve got the full rundown for you here.

Don’t forget, you can donate Gold to your Lost Ark Guild too, if you choose to join one.

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Ultimate Guide to Gold in Lost Ark

What Is Gold and How to Use It in Lost Ark?

Gold is one of Lost Ark’s seven currencies, somewhere between the premium and completely free tokens. This currency is shared between every character on your Lost Ark account, unlike the primary currency of the game, Silver.

The method of payment is often used for the in-game Marketplace, which players can unlock at Level 30. Here, players can trade for many of the game’s items, and list their own stock for profits.

Alternatively, why not learn to dismantle your spare goods automatically in Lost Ark? Doing so can prove extremely useful.

Gold is also useful when it comes to decorating your own private home, or for converting into Blue Crystals.

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Lost Ark
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How to Get Gold in Lost Ark

There are several ways to earn Gold in Lost Ark, some more complex than others. Here are some of the key ways to get your hands on the currency:

  • Sell items on the Marketplace to other players. Crafting your own items from Life Skills is a good way to earn some cash.
  • Find a secret room in a Chaos Dungeon. You can also defeat the boss faster to gain more loot before time runs out, and trade items for Gold after the raid.
  • Complete a Guardian Raid for the first time.
  • Build rapport with an NPC.
  • Complete a Gateway Map.
  • Complete certain daily Adventure Islands.
  • Daily or Weekly Una Quests give you points to exchange for a Gold Pouch, Chest, or Casket. This is potentially the most lucrative way to earn Gold in Lost Ark!

Don’t miss out – you can claim a second Founder’s Pack in Lost Ark now, so long as you act fast!

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